The Hunt for the World’s Best Ergonomic Desk

Have you ever been working at your desk for hours and only after a backache or leg cramp, you suddenly realize you are sitting in a very unnatural position? Finding a desk that works with your body is crucial to long term health and work productivity.

Harvard Health reports that long periods of sitting, particularly in traditional work chairs, increases your risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, deadly blood clots, and metabolic disease. Finding the best ergonomic desk that allows for sit and stand ability is an easy way to greatly decrease your risk from sitting-based diseases.

Crucial Questions to Ask Before You Buy

The best ergonomic desk will depend both on your tasks and personal preference. Here are a few good questions to ask prior to purchasing a new desk, especially those that are sit-stand oriented. 

  • Is most of your work completed on the computer exclusively?
  • Does your daily workday include physical paperwork?
  • Do you need to interact with customers or client on a consistent basis?
  • How many monitors do you use?
  • How heavy is your computer equipment?
  • What is your budget? 

These basics questions will help you narrow your choices to the type of ergonomic desk you should be looking for. There are two large options: standing desk converters and height adjustable desks.

If your budget is tight, you may want to focus your search on a converter that will allow you to turn your current work desk into an ergonomic desk with sit-stand ability. If you want to experience the full ergonomic benefits, a height adjustable desk is an invaluable investment in your health. 

The Best Sit Stand Ergonomic Desk Converters

One of Eureka’s most popular simple options is the Sit Stand Desk, New Generation in black. With a manual lift design, this converter can turn any standard office desk into a fully ergonomic desk with sit or stand ability with unlimited height adjustments. Even with a manual adjustment, our converters provide a silent transition, although it is available in an electric version as well.

No more cracking, popping and creaking with height adjustment, a common complaint from customers who have purchased competing desks. Eureka Ergonomic provides a unique buffering system with every converter that will protect your desktop or laptop from slams, wobbles, or rocking during height transition or work activities. 

If you are looking for the next step up when it comes to a converter, our Eureka Ergonomic® Standing Desk Converter 46 provides a wide array of platinum-level power features including our patented gas struts that provide a smooth, effortless, and quiet transition. Enjoy a large working space with unlimited height and a wide array of incremental positions to find that perfect level of comfort.

We offer other features with our most basic desk converters that our competitors haven’t thought of. All our converters include a convenient mobile device slot, ergonomic keyboard tray, and single-handle operation for effortless height transition.

Perfect Ergonomic Height Adjustable Desks

While desk converters can be a great solution for some, consumers searching for the perfect ergonomic solution are investing in an electric height-adjustable sit stand desk. Our original Eureka Ergonomic E60 Electric Height-Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk is a fantastic entry point for anyone wanting to experience the ease of a multifunction sit-stand desk.

Unlike other electric height-adjustable desks, we provide up to four memory settings that save positions along with gold-plated components that provide over five years of extended life. We are also one of the only desks on the market that provide smart anti-collision sensors that keep the objects around your desk safe and sound.

Danger: Beware of Bargain Desks 

As the news spreads regarding the health benefits of ergonomic desks, people are searching high and low for sit-stand solutions. While cheap options with bottom-bargain pricing may seem tempting, an ergonomic desk isn’t where you should be looking to cut costs. Eureka Ergonomic desktop converters and height adjustment desks go through rigorous testing to ensure you and your workspace can enjoy optimal productivity and comfort.

Eureka’s patented gas struts have been tested through 100,000 cycles to ensure durability and longevity in our desks. Most customers that have bought competing desks and converters report malfunctions and breaking of components that occur within a short timeframe. 

We have specifically engineered our manufacturing process to be committed to a stable and long-lasting product. We can confidently say; no competitor has come close to the level of quality that Eureka Ergonomic provides with each and every sit-stand solution. 

Best Ergonomic Desks – Questions To Ask

Answer These Questions to Find the Best Ergonomic Desk 

1. Are most of the work activities completed on the computer exclusively?
If you need a lot of room to complete paperwork on a daily basis, you will want to choose a desk with a lot of space. However, if you need an ergonomic desk that allows for a multi-monitor setup, you may make a different decision.

2. Do you need to interact with customers or clients?

If you need to interact with clients or customers, you may need a desk that allows you to position your screen easily. Or you may need a height-adjustable desk that can transition easily from sitting with clients to standing during solo work.

3. How heavy is your computer equipment?

Due to the mechanisms that allow an ergonomic desk to convert from sitting to standing, there are weight limitations. Make sure you take into account the weight of your monitors, towers, or laptops when choosing the right ergonomic desk.

4. What is your budget?

There is a wide variety of ergonomic options out on the market. Depending on your budget, you may opt for a sit-stand converter that utilizes your current desk. If space and premium features are essential to you, a height-adjustable desk is a great option.