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Eureka Ergonomic is known for manufacturing top quality and industry-leading standing desk and standing desk converters. You will not find a better engineered adjustable height desk on the market.

Our industry-leading patented lifting and locking mechanism lets you quietly and effortlessly adjust from seated to your perfect standing height. No fixed heights, no cranking, no clicking unlike our competitors sit stand desk converter.

Other stand up desk converters are limited to predetermined height settings. Our standing desk converter patented gas strut lifting and locking mechanism lets you find your perfect desk height for better posture and ergonomic fit.

Eureka Ergonomic is the leading manufacturer of adjustable standing desks. We pride ourselves on our innovative ergonomic designs, rigorous testing, and our world-class manufacturing process. You will not find a quieter, more stable electric standing desk on the market today. We manufacture everything in our own factory and sell directly to you. Orders ship within 24 Hours from one of our USA locations. Scroll down to learn more about our ergonomic desks.

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