Eureka Anti-Fatigue Standing Mats

The Eureka Ergonomic Anti Fatigue Mat works perfectly to enhance the health benefits of your standing desk. Ergonomically designed its dense core and soft outer layer supports feet, knees, hips and back to help you stand longer and stronger. It helps stimulate blood circulation and most importantly helps relieve the pain and fatigue in the feet, legs and lower back sometimes caused by prolonged standing. 


Comfortable Commercial-grade 3/4 " thickness and stable long-lasting comfort for feet and knees. Perfect for Sit Stand desks.

Beveled, no-curl edges and durable, high-density core make sure the mat stays in place while you use it.

Eco-friendly PU foam materials with NO toxic off-gassing smell. Safe for children and pets.

Multiple applications Office, Kitchen, Laundry rooms, anywhere you stand for a long period of time.

Water-proof, abrasion-resistance, easy to clean.


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