EUREKA ERGONOMIC® was founded in 2017 on a simple principle: The human body was designed to move.

Unfortunately, people don't move as much as they could or should—especially at work, where the majority of your time may be spent sitting.

Our company's founder was inspired by the California state seal's motto "Eureka"—Greek for "I have found it"—which some say was exclaimed after the discovery of gold that lead to the state’s fabled Gold Rush in 1849.

His "Eureka moment" came when he realized he found a way to simultaneously:

  • ● Get people to move more at work
  • ● Give consumers unrivaled value for best-in-class ergonomic office products

Our website will allow you to discover more about our stylish, durable and easy-to-use ergonomic products, as well as our commitment to making them with commercial-quality materials that meet or exceed international standards for health and environmental safety.

Now it's time for you to create your own Eureka moments.

If you have any questions about finding EUREKA ERGONOMIC® solutions for your office or home, please contact our world-class customer service center.

CONTACT US TODAY: 1-844-416-2090


 World-Class Quality is Our Standard

    ● Commercial-Grade Materials that meet or exceed international standards
  • ● SGS Top-Rated for Overall Quality when compared to best-in-class sit-stand desks


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Our World-Class Health and Environmental Safety Standards Speak For Themselves

CARB Phase2

California Air Resources Board

One of the most stringent emission standards for formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products


European Committee for Standardization

A part of the EU Toy Safety Directive for heavy metals and plastics


California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

One of the highest environmental standards in the United States for phthalates and other toxins

ASTM F963-07

U.S. Department of Commerce National Bureau of Standards

A standard consumer safety specification for heavy metals and plastics in toys



Accelerated LifeCycle Testing and Data Analysis

Assures durability and reliability of our products