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Ergonomic Foot Rest


Ergonomic Foot Rest

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Eureka Ergonomic Desk Foot Rest

Ergonomic Foot Rest

Give your feet a break with a Eureka Ergonomic foot rest. Our feet take a beating everyday and need to relax. There are many benefits to using a under the desk foot rest from fighting fatigue, creating better circulation in your feet and legs. Our foot rest has an ergonomic design with a massaging surface, and adjustable angles to find your perfect ergonomic fit. The best way to know if you like it, it to try it. We're offering you a 30-day risk free guarantee and free shipping. Click the Buy Now button to experience this foot rest for yourself.

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Give your hard working feet a massage with the Eureka Ergonomic under desk foot rest. Our desk foot rest has a textures surface to help promote circulation and help relieve stress and tension from your feet. This foot rest is the perfect addition to your ergonomic office or home office.

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Eureka Ergonomic Under Desk Foot Rest
Eureka Ergonomic Foot Rest

Adjustable Angles

Ergonomic adjustable angle design for optimal height and tilt. Easily tilt back and forth between 0 ~ 20°. Change your foot position periodically for maximum comfort.

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Your satisfaction is our top priority. We make sure we're designing and manufacturing the best ergonomic foot rests and ergonomic desks for sale. We hold our office accessories to a high standard and hope you have an excellent experience using our ergonomic desk accessories. Here's some real reviews, by real shoppers about our foot rest. We hope when you buy your first or next Eureka Ergonomic standing desk converteradjustable standing desk, and office accessories you love them too. We're offering you a 30-Day Risk Free Guarantee. If you don't like it, just send it back. It's just that easy!

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Eureka Ergonomic—world-class producer of high-end gaming desks, gaming chairs, and gaming accessories—brings you a new, must-have addition to any serious gaming desk setup: the ERGONOMIC FOOTREST.

Give your feet a real rest. The patented design of the ERGONOMIC FOOTREST lets you enjoy it at whatever height setting you like, while its textured massage surface provides much-needed relief and leisure—for when you most need it.

The ERGONOMIC FOOTREST features adjustable angles (0 to 20 degrees) for optimal comfort and a solid body, promising years of prolonged enjoyment. Its ideal size also allows the footrest to be placed virtually anywhere, be it under your gaming desk, the dinner table, or wherever else. Gamers, get surefooted with Eureka Ergonomic’s ERGONOMIC FOOTREST.

Sustainably manufactured from the highest-grade material, the ERGONOMIC FOOTREST is a natural choice for gamers, game developers, workers, writers, podcasters, streamers, and anyone seeking next-level comfort for their feet.

Consider adding one of our ergonomic gaming chairs to your setup for optimal luxury and efficiency!

Price: $32.99

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