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Z2 Gaming Desk, Black, 50''


Z2, Gaming Desk, Black, 50''

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Built In Storage Accessories
The cup holder and headphone hook folded out when you need it, and stowed away when you don't.
GAMING DESK: Z2 50" RGB, Black - Stretchable Headset Hook & Cup Holder - Eureka Ergonomic 10
Hidden Power Socket Holder
Unique, integrated power socket holder keeps your desk organized and clear.
GAMING DESK: Z2 50" RGB, Black - Hidden Power Socket Holder - Eureka Ergonomic GAMING-DESKS SCENE11
Aesthetic Privacy Panel
Removable rear panel elevates the style of your desk and adds privacy.
GAMING DESK: Z2 50" RGB, Black - Aesthetic Privacy Panel - Eureka Ergonomic GAMING-DESKS SCENE12
  • Color


  • Bearing Load


  • Materials

    P2PB/ABS/Carbon Steel

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GAMING DESK: Z2 50" RGB, Black - Full Dimension - 150 LBS - Load Bearing - Eureka Ergonomic GAMING-DESKS SCENE13




Eureka Ergonomic presents its latest gaming desk, the Z 50” RGB GAMING DESK. Its 50” width makes it a perfect match for gaming and working, producing music, or any other hobby. This gaming desk features all the amenities you need, such as a 5-degree ergonomic tilt, mobile device slot, built-in storage compartment (with multiple cable ports and a hidden socket holder), stretchable headset holder, mousepad, cupholder, and more.

This gaming desk features a durable steel frame guaranteed to last a long time. If you want the top gaming desk on the market, then you need the Eureka Ergonomic Z 50” RGB GAMING DESK.

Sustainably manufactured from only the finest materials using EPA-compliant, third party-approved practices, the Z 50” RGB GAMING DESK promises to be the top choice for gamers, game developers, and any other person who needs a durable and quality desk for their setup.

Add one of our ergonomic gaming chairs to your setup for maximum comfort and range!

Price: $229.99

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