5 Reasons Why eSport Gaming is a Sport

5 Reasons Why eSport Gaming is a Sport

Computer gaming is a controversial sport, but it is a sport nonetheless, requiring strategy, dexterity, and a specific skillset honed after extensive training. The following article from Eureka Ergonomic discusses the many reasons why computer gaming should be accepted as a sporting discipline. Eureka Ergonomic designs and manufactures computer gaming desks, as well as ergonomic home and workplace furnishings. Eureka Ergonomic computer gaming desks, chairs, and accessories are designed to make extended gaming sessions comfortable, ease lower back pressure, and reduce fatigue.

If figure skating, archery, and trampolining are considered sports worthy of Olympic inclusion, eSports definitely merits the same consideration. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. It's a team activity. eSports offers team sport potential in the truest sense of the phrase – more so than many commonly acknowledged team sports. Unlike team gymnastics or team figure skating, eSports teams' gameplay actually affects outcomes for teams they play against, like in basketball or football. It isn't just teams individually doing the same thing and then comparing and ranking the results – these are events that require interaction.
  2. The definition of "sport" used to be "entertainment." The classic meaning of sport (derived from disport) used to be something that was viewed or engaged in for silly enjoyment – a physical exertion component was not mandatory. eSports is in keeping with the traditional definition of sport.
  3. You have to develop a strategy. There is an intellectual as well as a physical component to eSports – it isn't something that you can succeed in without heavy concentration. eSports are highly strategic and involve adherence to a complex set of rules, not only within the games themselves, but imposed by the gaming organization.
  4. Gaming requires physical stamina. Extended gaming is hard. It's a strain on the eyes, wrists, hands, and lower back, if you're sitting. Reflexes begin to decline significantly at a fairly early age, rendering eSports athletes unable to compete successfully by their early 20s. eSports competitors have to train extensively to perfect their gameplay, and many participants burn out in only a few years. The average retirement age for an eSport athlete is 25, while the retirement age range for a baseball player is mid-30s.
  5. Gaming has become a major industry. Gaming revenue may be able to compete with some of the world's most popular established sports. eSports tournaments attract huge sponsors and millions of viewers. Some of the biggest events offer cash prizes in excess of $130 million. The largest televised eSports events can earn over 100 million viewers worldwide.

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