5 Ways You Can Wellness-Optimize Your Lunch Hour

5 Ways You Can Wellness-Optimize Your Lunch Hour

A day of sitting behind a cramped desk will take its toll on your back, joints, limbs, and even your overall health. Using your lunch hour to mitigate the damage can work wonders on your energy levels, helping you feel refreshed and better able to finish the workday on a strong and productive note. Here are a few tips from the team at Eureka Ergonomic for making the most of your break periods. Eureka Ergonomic designs, builds, and distributes ergonomic furnishings and accessories for home and office, including convertible standing desks. A convertible standing desk can help relieve spinal pressure, facilitate proper circulation, and reduce symptoms of fatigue.

While a single lunch hour probably won't give you enough time to undo all of your unhealthy workday habits, using your break times to energize yourself will help keep you focused and may even contribute to improved well-being. Here are a few things you can do that may help reduce fatigue and enhance your performance.

  1. Take brisk walks. During your daily breaks, forgo the coffee and take a stroll around your workplace, or run up and down any stairs in your building. This will get your heart rate up and help your circulation. It may even give you a longer-lasting energy boost than caffeine!
  2. Don't skip lunch. Some workplace cultures embrace skipping lunch and just working throughout the day, but this only leads to loss of focus and poor performance. Taking time to have a meal and get outside of the office may improve lateral thinking and memory function.
  3. Splurge on a lunchtime fitness class. Once a week, take a lunch break-oriented fitness class. It will give you a break from your routine and get your heart pumping before getting back to the grind.
  4. Try the 10-minute workout. Don't have time to get to a lunch hour fitness class? Try the 10-minute workout!
  5. Stretch. Not all beneficial exercise involves cardio – a nice, full body stretch will keep your muscles lengthened and flexible, reducing soreness from prolonged sitting and helping to support your joints.

Eureka Ergonomic: Creating superior convertible standing desks

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