5 Ways Your Desk is Harming You

5 Ways Your Desk is Harming You

A desk seems like a harmless piece of furniture, but a poorly-constructed work desk can lead to physical discomfort, and even reduced efficiency. The following article from the team at Eureka Ergonomic discusses the different ways the wrong office desk will compromise your work performance and possibly your health. Eureka Ergonomic's custom-designed office furnishings offer the benefits of a standing desk with the flexibility and familiarity of a standard desk.

Your desk could be doing you considerable harm, and you may not even be conscious of it. Here are five ways your workspace could compromise your health and professional performance.

  1. Your desk could be the cause of your physical discomfort. If sitting at your desk all day has triggered back, neck, and joint pain, you might think that your chair is to blame. But you adjust your chair to the height of your desk, and if your desk is the wrong height and size, even a well-constructed chair won't help you.
  2. Constant sitting contributes to obesity. Not only are extended sedentary periods associated with obesity, they also may trigger life-shortening health conditions related to obesity, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.
  3. Extended periods of sitting leads to fatigue. Staying seated not only raises the risk of obesity, it also diminishes energy levels, so you are less motivated to engage in physical exercise when you aren't working. And without the energy to stay motivated and on-task, your work product will suffer, too.
  4. Long periods of sitting is thought to be associated with dementia. A recent study found that a sedentary lifestyle may trigger the thinning of areas of the brain that control the formation of memories.
  5. The wrong desk can lead to reduced productivity. A badly constructed desk and workspace may reduce your ability to work efficiently. Motion economy – using the minimal amount of movements to perform workplace duties – helps improve job performance and significantly reduces the risk of workplace injury.

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