Standing Desk Benefits

Standing Desk Benefits

The benefits of a standing desk go beyond just shaving a few calories off your waistline. According to experts, standing around happens to be a lot better than sitting around, which most Americans do on an average of 6 hours a day during a normal work week.

Many employees may consider the standing desk a throwback to the industrial age when most people stood around the assembly line. Inherently many factory workers still stand for an extended period. But weren’t people healthier back then or were assembly line workers better off? Well, they probably were, however below is what the latest research has to say about standing and why a standing desk is an excellent first step if you don’t work at a factory!

You Could Live Longer

A 2011 study found that Americans could increase their life expectancy by a good 24 months by just standing more than they sit perhaps. If American workers reduced their sitting time from six to three hours a day, most would live longer, according to the study. Also, possibly standing for longer could be even more beneficial though there isn’t much data to back that up yet. However, like any exercise, the more you stand, the more you get used to it, and standing desks make standing more comfortable and productive.

Helps to Improve Posture

What do most people with bad posture have in common? Well for starters they sit around a lot and they hardly ever exercise. Plus, many people with bad posture complain of eye strain. A standing desk can help to eliminate both provided that it is designed and setup correctly. The computer screen should be slightly above eye level, so you should be looking slightly up at the screen which reduces eyestrain. Also, this will keep you from hunching over the keyboard. Additional benefits of a standing desk include improving core strength which in addition to a stronger back helps to improve posture greatly.

Helps to Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Colon and back cancer have directly been linked to amongst other things a lack of physical activity. A 2011 study looked at 43,000 and 49,000 cases of colon and breast cancer respectively. They found a correlation between prolonged sitting and these types of cancers. However, we’d have to admit that the study wasn’t conclusive but the link between sitting for long periods and conditions like endometrial, prostate, ovarian and lung cancer were much stronger.

Though researchers have yet to find how sitting influences the growth of these cancers they suspect it may be linked to a C-reactive protein. The protein is found in people who sit for long periods of time. The simple solution is to stand longer and perhaps stand while you’re working. Standing while you’re working is easier since you won’t notice time pass. A high-quality standing desk will make working as you stand a lot more productive and comfortable which in turn will reduce your chances of having to deal with these cancers.


Standing desks have become increasingly common in the past few years as people become more aware of the dangers of sitting for long. Though like with everything else start slow. Don’t expect that you’ll be able to stand at your computer for 6 hours the very next day. Start with 30 minutes and work your way up to an hour, and then 2 hours. Before you know it, standing will feel comfortable!