Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat
Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

size: 20.00 W × 0.75 H × 32.00 L
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Warranty: This Eureka Ergonomic product is backed by a 1 Year Limited-Warranty and a 30 day Risk-Free purchase guarantee. If it doesn't work the way we promised, we'll make it right.


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It is comfortable to stand on
Written by Tonya on 12/13/17

This was purchases for an employee with a sit/stand desk. After getting the desk his feet started aching. Once the mat arrived, his feet immediately quick aching. It is comfortable to stand on and the quality appears to be excellent and is expected to last many years. The mat is also light weight so it s easy to move.

I bought it for my office and my wife stole it from me! She loves it... and so do I!
Written by Paul Tucker on 09/29/17

Well, I originally bought this for my standing desk at the office, but when it arrived at home and I unboxed it, my wife stole it from me! ;) She knew I was buying it, but she didn't realize that it's a really deep, dark brown - which looks great in our kitchen which is greys, blacks, and browns. More so, she liked that it looks really nice - it doesn't have seams or stripes or any "print" on top that makes it attract attention. Speaking of which, the top surface has an almost leather-like texture to it, which provides grip, but it doesn't feel like it's sticking to your shoes. The edges have a nice, gentle angle to them to make it taper up to the top surface, which is really great to avoid tripping on it. The whole thing, together, makes it more of a "grip, but don't trip" formula that's quite different than other standing mats I have used in the past. It's also firm without being hard. That's a surprisingly challenging balance to strike these days - the one standing mat I had previously (a few years ago) was way too hard, and while it helped for my standing desk a bit and was better than nothing, it wasn't great. Now, the one I'm using at my standing desk is super-soft and squishy. At first step, it feels really nice and ideal, but over the hours of the day you start to realize that you're shifting your weight a lot and it's not supporting your feet in the right ways; it's more like standing on a soft pillow than standing on a supportive, well-crafted shoe. This feels more like that well-crafted, supportive athletic shoe: Fits perfect, matches the contours of your feet, and doesn't leave you feeling unsupported or off balance. The "shoe" analogy above isn't a perfect one, but it's hard to describe how one standing mat can be noticeably better than another... and this one is better. Strongly recommend it!

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