Sit Stand Desks

Eureka Ergonomic best in class sit stand desk is engineered for stability, durability, and longevity. Our patented gas struts are tested over 100,000 cycles to ensure durability and longevity. Our advanced manufacturing technology and Z-shapes design ensures your sit stand desk converter is extremely stable and sturdy even when fully extended. No fixed positions, no tilting, bouncing, wobbling. Holds up to 35 pounds (15.8 kg)

Our industry-leading sit to stand desk converters patented lifting and locking mechanism lets you quietly and effortlessly adjust your stand up desk from seated to your perfect standing position for better comfort and a new perspective on the task at hand. No cranking, no clicking like our competitors stand up desk.

Unlike other sit to stand desks that are limited to predetermined height positions, the Eureka Ergonomic height adjustable desk’s patented gas strut lifting and locking mechanism lets you find the exact height level for the correct posture and perfect ergonomic fit. No predetermined height settings. Smooth, effortless, infinite lifting and lowering.

Your new stand up desk converter comes ready to use right out of the box. No tools, no assembly, no installation required. Just open the box, set your sit stand desk converter on your existing office desk and you’re ready to go! Your old office desk is now a sit stand workstation.

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