7 Winning Benefits of a Standing Desk

What if you could improve your health, prevent serious disease, while boosting work productivity, all with one purchase? Standing desks have exploded with popularity, leading many individuals and companies alike to either convert their traditional desks into standing desks or purchase a height-adjustable desk. Here are just a few of the benefits of a standing desk.

1. Wipe Out the Risk of Disease

The most significant risks to American’s health are diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic disease. What if merely standing more often could greatly reduce your risk of dying from these diseases? Several studies have concluded that standing-based office work can reduce blood sugar levels after eating, lower your risk of type 2 diabetes, and cut your risk of heart disease in half! Considering that more than 610,000 people die of heart disease every year in just the United States alone, a 50% reduction in risk can make a huge impact. 

2. Take Control of Obesity and Weight Gain

Weight gain and obesity is a health issue that doesn’t only have personal health implications, but dramatically impacts businesses and the economy at large. According to a recent Harvard study, obese and overweight individuals are more likely to call in sick from work, suffer from health issues that impact productivity, and have chronic health issues that cost billions to treat each year. By switching to standing-based office work, many individuals can burn more calories throughout the day compared to simply sitting. The more calories you burn, the more weight you could potentially lose, saving businesses and the economy money.

3. Make Back and Neck Pain Nearly Disappear

One of the most common complaints of sitting for too long is a sore back or a stiff neck. You often will see employees stretching, popping, and rubbing their back, neck, and shoulders after a long day. It can be hard to focus on the work at hand when you are in constant pain. Several studies have shown a significant reduction in back pain and neck pain after transitioning to standing desks after just a few weeks. Employees found that they could better focus on their work when their pain was reduced. 

4. Rocket Your Mood and Memory

Many companies and businesses struggle with keeping employee morale high. Thankfully, standing desks seem to positively impact employee moods. In a 7-week study, employees reported that their mood improved dramatically after just two weeks of implementing standing desks. Since sedentary behavior has been linked to a higher risk of depression and cognitive impairment, standing periodically throughout the workday can provide a much-needed mental boost. 

5. Power Your Work Productivity and Engagement

Companies, managers, and entrepreneurs alike are always trying to discover new ways to increase productivity. Sometimes all it takes is taking a stand, literally. By standing periodically, employees were reported to have improved overall psychological well-being without impacting their work performance. Furthermore, employees felt less fatigue and more willing to engage with co-workers to complete work tasks compared to those who sat during the duration of the workday.

6. Live Longer

While it seems like a big claim, standing at your desk can help you live longer. Swedish researchers discovered that by standing, you prevent shortening of your telomeres. Telomeres are the caps at the end of DNA molecules that dictate longevity. By preventing them from shortening, you can keep your cells “younger” for a longer period of time. An Australian study that followed 230 workers and tracked their life expectancy over time. They estimated that by standing, you would save the country “7,492 health-adjusted life years” collectively.

While the initial price of a standing desk may feel significant, when compared to medical costs and treatment associated with sitting, it is easy to see their value. Individuals and businesses get to experience the vast benefits of a standing desk, like increased productivity and engagement. All those benefits of a standing desk put together clearly shows that it is a small investment with a big payoff.

Top 7 Benefits Of A Standing Desk

Benefits of a Standing Desk

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

Standing throughout the day can reduce your risk of heart disease by 50%

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Standing instead of sitting after lunch lowered blood sugar levels by almost ½.

Prevents Obesity and Weight Gain

By regularly standing, you burn more calories and can prevent weight gain and obesity.

Reduces Back Pain
When employees were standing more throughout the day, their back pain and neck pain was reduced significantly.

Improves Mood and Memory

Employees that had a standing desk showed more positive feelings of well-being as well as increased cognitive function.

Increases Productivity

Employees experienced less fatigue and increased the ability to complete work tasks while standing.

Increases Life Expectancy

Standing regularly was shown to reduce overall mortality by almost 50%!