Are Standing Desks Worth the Hype?

Do You Have a Good Enough Standing Desk?


New year, new health goals, right? You’re thinking about finally getting a standing desk because you have heard that they are better for your health and back, but you’re still not 100 percent sure. The online market presents a sea of seemingly identical options, each flaunting a basic structure and a perfunctory-looking work surface. In this vast expanse of choices, how do you ensure that your standing desk investment doesn't leave you standing with regrets? While we might be tempted to shout "buy a Eureka desk!" – we'll let the facts speak for themselves. 


In this article, we unravel the intricacies of the standing desk market, shedding light on the technical specifications that truly matter. From motors and bases to weight capacity, we present your comprehensive guide to mastering the standing desk market.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Standing Desk

There are so many factors to consider when buying a standing desk. Your budget, the shape you'd like (e.g. rectangular, L-shaped, wing-shaped etc.), the materials, etc. But for the focus of this blog, we are highlighting the more technical specifications, from height range to preset memory function to anti-collision technology.

Here's your guide to mastering the standing desk market and ensuring your purchase lives up to the hype.

1. Consider the Advantage of an Electric Standing Desk

Opting for a manual standing desk can be a wallet-friendly choice for those on a tight budget. These desks come at a lower cost, though adjusting them requires a bit more effort and can be a bit of a hassle. Electric standing desks offer seamless transitions between sitting and standing positions at the push of a button or through app control. 

The precision in height adjustments is also a notable advantage, allowing you to fine-tune the desk to your exact needs — a feat that's trickier with manual options. To decide between the two, assess how often you plan to switch between sitting and standing. Frequent adjustments might tilt the scale in favor of the convenience offered by an electric desk.

2. Be Aware of the Superior Power of Dual Motors

When it comes to standing desks, we recommend choosing dual motors over their single motor counterparts. The reason is simple — dual motors deliver quicker, smoother and more quiet adjustments. At Eureka Ergonomic, we take this up a notch by designing and manufacturing our own dual motors. In contrast to the competition's single motors, our dual motors elevate you from sitting to standing at a faster pace, operate with silent efficiency, boast an extended lifespan, feature a higher weight capacity, and come equipped with an anti-collision sensor.

They also feature automatic weight adjustment, which guarantees that your desk remains perfectly balanced, even when one side bears a greater workload.

Eureka Ergonomic motor
The advantages of a Eureka Ergonomic Dual Motor
Eureka Dual Motors vs. Standard Single Motors

3. Pay Attention to Standing Desk Height Range

Pay attention to the height range and make sure it suits yours! Clearly, the needs of a person standing at 5'3" differ from someone towering at 6'2." The standard height range for standing desks typically falls between 38” and 46”. Maintaining this range ensures that your elbows form a comfortable and ergonomic 90-degree angle while typing or using a mouse, effectively averting strain on your neck, shoulders, and back.

To pinpoint your ideal range, Omni offers a handy desk height calculator. This nifty tool swiftly determines the optimal seat, desk, and monitor heights for both sitting and standing positions, helping you tailor your workstation for ergonomic perfection.

4. Look for a Desk with Accessories

Look for a desk equipped with practical extras and accessories, from cup holders, headphone hangers and keyboard trays to mousepads, dual slots for tablets & mobile phones, and monitor risers.

5. Choose Anti-Collision Tech

Desks equipped with anti-collision technology retract automatically when they encounter resistance during height adjustments, ensuring a worry-free and safe user experience. Eureka Ergonomic desks are equipped with AI hall sensors that auto-calibrate the current of the  motors. This means that it inputs more current on the heavier side of the desk (where you have a heavier setup) to prevent balance loss and not stress the motor. This protects the motors, increases their lifespan and makes them run more smoothly and quietly.

6. Invest in a Solid Base

The stability, durability, and overall performance of a standing desk are heavily influenced by its base. Choose a desk with a stable base to prevent wobbling or tipping, especially when raised to standing height. First of all, look at the thickness of the legs, opting for a thicker metal frame than many of the basic standing desks on the market featue.

Opt for sturdy construction and durable materials such as steel or aluminum to ensure longevity. Achieving top-tier protection through nano baking paint, we spare no expense in stacking materials for the construction of robust carbon steel table frames that guarantee stability without any teetering. We also craft desks with a unique truss mechanical design that provides support for stability without wobbling.

Base of the Eureka Ark, 63x23 L Shaped Slate Standing Desk

7. Look for Built-In Cable Management

Opt for a standing desk with built-in cable management features to keep cords organized and prevent tangling. This not only contributes to a cleaner workspace but also enhances safety. Many of our desks include a built-in cable tray and grommets to keep your desk area neat and clutter-free, so you can focus on doing your best work.

We make desks with cable management systems that feature dual cable holes and socket holders under the desk.

8. Mind the Weight Capacity of the Desk

Dual Motor Lift for Higher Weight Capacity

Consider the weight capacity of the standing desk to ensure it can support all the equipment and accessories you plan to use, including monitors, computers, and other items on the desk. That's because surpassing the recommended weight capacity may potentially diminish the desk's overall lifespan.

The weight capacity shows how strong the desk is. A higher number means the desk can handle heavier things without getting too hot or losing performance. It is safer and more durable to go for a desk with a higher weight capacity. The average weight capacity of standing desks is 150 lbs. and you should shoot for a minimum of 130 lbs.

Many of our standing desks feature high-strength carbon steel legs. Together with the dual motors, this design allows for a high weight capacity that will support heavy computer setups while maintaining quick, silent and smooth height transitions and, of course, safer usage.

9. Pay Attention to Warranty & Customer Support

Do your legwork and evaluate the warranty and the reputation of the standing desk manufacturer's customer support. A reliable warranty provides assurance of the desk's quality, and good customer support indicates the manufacturer's commitment to customer satisfaction. Most of our standing desks have a warranty of 5 years, and our 24-hour US-based customer service is happy to assist you with any questions.

Customer support

The Bottom Line

In a world of mundane desks, let your standing desk be a beacon of functionality and fun. Armed with insights into motors, bases, and beyond, you're now equipped to make a purchase that makes you feel prepared to choose the right standing desk for your needs. Cheers to standing tall and working smart!


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