Effective as of 28 February 2024


Limited Warranty

Eureka Ergonomic® products are meticulously designed, manufactured and certified for safety, durability, as well as long lasting and reliable performance. We vow to help people discover their best potential both in workplace and at home. We stand behind our products as they are compliant with established industry standards as well as customized tests and certifications. With our professional technical team combined with Customer Care Experts, please rest assured that we can resolve any concerns or reservations you might have.


i. Warranty Overview

The following Limited Warranties are given only to the original retail purchaser, subject to all the terms and conditions below. These Limited Warranties are non-transferable.

Eureka Ergonomic, subject to all the limitations and exclusions described in these Limited Warranties, warrants the following Eureka Ergonomic products and parts against material manufacturing defects for the duration set forth next to that product or part in the table below.

All warranty periods commence on the date of delivery of the product.

If any defect in product quality covered by this warranty is discovered, we will replace any such defective product with new parts or a fully new product at own discretion. For products or parts that have been possibly discontinued, we will replace them with a similar product or part. For warranty claims made during the first year after purchase, we will undertake the shipping costs for the returned product and for the new replacement; after that, you must pay the shipping costs for the replacement product and the defective product that we ask you to return.

Your warranty applicable to:

Warranty Coverage

Desk, Dining Table, Coffee Table, Side Table, Media Console, Bookcases / Bookshelves, Storage and Organization

Frames: wooden or metal framework, mechanism, hardware

5 Year Limited Warranty

Electronic parts: control panel, manual controller, control box, light strip, standing desk legs, power socket, power hub, USB hub, electronic parts, etc.
Other parts: handles, fasteners, suspensions, legs, and movable mechanisms.

1 Year Limited Warranty

Office & Gaming chair

Soft furniture: leather, upholstery fabrics and finishes, backrests, seat cushions, headrests, lumbar pillows

2 Year Limited Warranty

other parts

3 Year Limited Warranty

Sofas, Recliners, Lounge Chairs, Footstools, Ottomans

Frames: wooden or metal framework, mechanism, hardware

5 Year Limited Warranty

Soft furniture: foam, fiber fillings, feathers, fabric covers, stitching, leather.
Electronic parts: control panel, manual controller, control box, electronic parts, etc.
Other parts: zippers, fasteners, springs, suspensions, legs, and movable mechanisms.

1 Year Limited Warranty

Pillow, Rug, Leather, Textiles, Lighting Fixture, Painting, Glass or Ceramic Accessories, and Home Decor

These items are excluded from all warranty coverage. Any damages or defects must be reported within 14 days of delivery for a replacement.


All others

all other parts not specified above

1 Year Limited Warranty

This warranty does not cover clearance item, natural marble, artificial marble, paint or metal finishing, glass fiber, foam, plywood, veneer, cushioning materials and coating materials.



ii. Warranty Exceptions:

  • natural variations and inconsistency in wood grain or figure or the presence of character marks, which should be recognized and appreciated in all natural materials with light, eco-friendly finishes;

  • normal wear and tear,changes including color fastness or flatness in surface veneers and finishes due to aging, exposure to light or direct sunlight and other extreme working environment;

  • Comfort is subjective to the individual and is not considered a manufacturing fault;
  • high frequency contact with moisture (included but not limited to biological conditions such as hyperhidrosis or chemical environments such as aqueous or organic solvents), thermal degradation or elements that are known to cause a breakdown of materials;

  • discoloration of textiles and surface materials due to soiling, stains, or dye transfer from clothing, including denim;

  • damage, marking, or staining on veneer surfaces due to contact with rubber or similar compounds; scratches from sharp objects or imprinting from writing instruments;

  • pilling of textiles, normal wear and tear or due to the natural aging of materials;minor changes in the caliber accuracy and decibel level of motors or mechanisms utilized in height adjustable products;

  • unauthorized modification or upgrade solutions by the customer;

  • improper assembly, use or care, contact with family pets or any other animals, or site and environmental conditions (such as environments with high heat, high humidity, high salinity or pollutant gases);

  • abuse, negligence, accident, fire or water damage, transportation by the customer or other causes beyond our control.

  • all furniture products are designed for indoor use only, and therefore cannot be used under extreme and/or outdoor environment. Violation of this rule might result in accelerated aging and deterioration of the product and shall not be covered by warranty.

  • Warranty is only valid in the contiguous 48 states, and will be voided if the item is shipped by a third party outside the US, or forwarded to Alaska or Hawaii. 

iii. How to submit a Warranty Claim?

Any damages or defects please contact in writing or call our Customer Service within 14 days of noticing the defect and provide your order number, a clear photo or video of the relevant defect or issue, and photos of the box the product arrived in, as it may have been damaged during transport.

As for a defective item that has a flaw, we will send you replacement parts free of charge and provide you with the required installation or assembly instructions. You may replace the parts yourself or through a third party, but we will not be liable for any labor charges incurred as a result of the replacement.

Should you require us to repair or replace an item that is out of warranty, you will pay for all the costs of repair and replacement. Examples of these costs include handling, transport, packaging and shipment charges, and customs duty.



To the extent allowed by law, any other implied quality assurances such as for merchantability or any other particular purposes are disclaimed; and to the extent technically required by laws and regulations, they are limited in duration to the duration of this written warranty.
Eureka Ergonomic® shall not be liable for loss of time, inconvenience, commercial loss, or incidental or consequential damages.

Warranty applicable in US only: some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the limitations or exclusions in the two preceding paragraphs may not apply. This warranty gives the purchaser specific legal rights; however, the purchaser may also have other rights that may vary from state to state.

Warranty applicable in international markets: except as stated above, Eureka Ergonomic will not be liable for any loss or damage (including costs) however caused, whether direct or consequential, incurred or suffered by the purchaser or any third party in respect of the products, but nothing contained herein will or will be considered to exclude or restrict any liability on Eureka's part for death or personal injury resulting from negligence.

For customers who may have any more questions in terms of warranty, please feel free to reach to our 24/7 Customer Service Team at 1 (844) 416-2090 or send us an email to customerservice@eurekaergonomic.com.