Experience the Ultimate Gaming Chairs — Python II and Typhon!

Experience the Ultimate Gaming Chairs — Python II and Typhon!


And that's a wrap! We're still riding the high from the BLAST R6 Major held from October 31 to November 12, 2023. Witnessing the world's best Rainbow Six Siege teams battling it out across nine regions for a whopping $75,000 was nothing short of epic. Adding to the excitement was our proud sponsorship — providing gaming chairs for the players. And let's just say, they were champs in their own right!

Python II: The Throne of Comfort and Your Gaming Command Center

Players at the tournament experienced both style and comfort in our Python II and Typhon chairs. The Python II, a favorite among gamers, takes the familiar chair feel and cranks it up a notch with its exquisite moveable lumbar support. It's a true throne of well-being, a command center for your gaming empire, and a posture problem-solving hero.


Eureka Ergonomic Python Chair

The 4D adjustable adaptive lumbar support is a game-changer, providing a personalized "back massage" that adjusts to every move. No more slouching or back pain — just ergonomic bliss. Whether you're tackling a work project or dominating the gaming battlefield, the Python II has your back, literally.

But that's not all — the 4 6/8” thickened foam cushion takes the cushion game to the next level. Say goodbye to uncomfortable, flimsy, pancake-thin pillows; this bad boy gives you the perfect balance of support and cushiony goodness. And the multi-functional mechanism and tilt adjustment? That's the cherry on top — a chair that dances to your tune, offering the perfect setup for chilling or conquering.

Typhon: The Non Plus Ultra in Hybrid Gaming Comfort

Now, enter the Typhon — the non plus ultra in new-generation hybrid chair options. Inspired by the sleek style of racing cars, this chair is a masterpiece of comfort and style. Its ergonomic design is meticulously crafted around anthropometric body measurements, ensuring a blissful experience when seated.


Eureka Ergonomic Typhon Chair

The Typhon’s adaptive lumbar support is truly a game-changer, acting like a personal trainer for your spine in any sitting position. Add the G-Force equalizer, distributing weight for better blood circulation, and you've got a chair that's a mini massage during every mission. And don't forget the contactless adaptive recliner mechanism — it adapts automatically to a comfortable position without any physical touch, just like it's reading your mind.

BLAST R6 Major spin the whellThe Eureka "Wheel of Fortune"

BLAST R6 Major, Atlanta
Spin it to win it!

In a dazzling display of skill and strategy, the Brazilian powerhouse W7M esports emerged triumphant at the R6 Major Atlanta 2023, seizing victory in the Grand Final against LOS and claiming a substantial share of the impressive $750,000 prize pool. But we had some winners too! Participants had the chance to spin our lucky wheel for a chance to win a chair. Check out some of the proud new owners below.

Last but not least, we'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who visited our booth during the Atlanta R6 Major. We had a lot of fun interacting with the Rainbow Six Siege community. It was a truly awesome experience. Until next year!


Eureka Ergonomic Chair winner BLAST R6 Major Atlanta
Winner Chase Lejeune is all smiles 


Eureka Ergonomic gaming chair winner
Preston Meyer took home a chair


Eureka Ergonomic Chair winner
Another happy new chair owner, Marcus Payne

Eureka Ergonomic Gaming ChairCovered in signatures

BLAST R6 Major Atlanta 2023
How cool is this setup?


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