Find the Perfect Office Storage Solutions for Your WFH Setup

Find the Perfect Office Storage Solutions for Your WFH Setup



Once upon a time not too long ago, everyone was all into matchy-matchy home décor. People went all-in, buying furniture in sets that screamed "twinning." Think couches hanging out with their lounge chair besties, and curtains and pillow shams practically joined at the hip in identical hues or patterns. Sure, it looked put together, but let's be real, it was also a bit like a dated symphony of déjà vus.

But let’s not toss out the matchy-matchy look so readily. There’s something to be said for a coherent vibe — especially in the realm of your home office, where simplicity reigns supreme, and a unified aesthetic enhances productivity and well-being. When done right, matching your office furniture can quietly elevate your workspace with refined aesthetics and create a touch of professional poise. 

How so? Check out the bookshelves and office storage cabinets harmonizing with our new Ark Desk Collection. Of course, don't just take our word for it. Take a look and let your WFH space become the envy of every Zoom call!

Discover Sophisticated Office Storage Solutions for an Elevated Home Office Look

Create a cohesive and elevated home office look

A Versatile Beauty of a Bookshelf

Discover the seamless blend of practicality and elegance in our versatile bookshelf, storage unit, and display cabinet all-in-one combination, the chic Ark, 72'' Storage Cabinet Bookshelf with Doors. It allows you to optimize your vertical storage capacity and hide away less attractive stuff such as files, printer paper and binders in the bottom unit, stow away items such as pens, stapler and staples, paper clips and ink cartridges in the drawer, and show off your favorite art books, cool collectibles, other objets d'art and precious keepsakes in the open shelf or spacious cabinet adorned with glass doors.

Artfully crafted with a luscious walnut veneer that gracefully responds to the dance of light and shadow for a beautiful effect, this chic bookshelf effortlessly enhances the ambiance of your home office or living area and allows you to personalize your WFH vibe in style.

This piece — measuring 34 51/64"L x 14 1/64" W x 72 3/64"H — embodies the sophisticated aesthetic and high-quality materials synonymous with our esteemed Ark executive office desk series. Explore this exclusive standing desks series!

Bookshelf, storage unit, and display cabinet all rolled into one

Purely handmade and finished in a warm walnut tone

Ample storage space and supported by a stable and durable iron frame.


Walnut wood is a popular choice in furniture crafting due to its unique characteristics and aesthetic appeal. Known for its rich, dark brown color and often featuring prominent grain patterns, walnut wood adds a touch of sophistication to furniture pieces. 

Over time, walnut wood develops a beautiful patina that enhances its character. This aging process adds to the charm of walnut furniture, making it more appealing as it matures.

Even More Multi-Usage Storage Space

While our Storage Cabinet Bookshelf with Drawer is not part of our Ark Desk series per se, it's a perfect foil thanks to its warm walnut finish. This sophisticated display unit was crafted to showcase your cherished books and prized possessions while at the same time hiding away clutter and utilitarian objects you don't want to display for a clean and organized office space.

Measuring 17.4"D x 32.99"W x 77.16"H and boasting a multi-layered, generously spaced design, this bookshelf seamlessly blends practicality with elegance, making it the perfect fusion of functionality and style for your space.

Finished in a warm walnut tone

Featuring large cabinets and open shelves, this bookshelf offers versatile office storage options.

Supported by a stable and durable iron frame, each shelf supports up to 50 lbs. 

File in Style

Pair the bookshelf with our Ark, 29'' Display File Storage Cabinet. Crafted by skilled artisans, this chic file cabinet effortlessly harmonizes with the style and materials of our Ark Desk series but suits any existing upscale office setup. The dynamic veneer effect of the walnut wood, skillfully molded by seasoned hands, interacts with light and shadow, bestowing an air of sophistication. Beyond its practicality for document storage, this piece introduces a touch of classic charm, transforming into a distinctive focal point within any space.

Carefully handmade, polished, and painted by skilled artisans.

Open storage shelf plus ample drawer for efficient document storage ensures a clutter-free workspace.

A Perfect Pairing: The Ark Desk

These beautiful office storage solutions pair brilliantly with our Ark, 63x29 Executive Standing Desk. This stunning height-adjustable desk is crafted from a single slab of gorgeous walnut and polished to perfection. The wood has a golden luster that adds to the elevated aesthetic of this Ark desk. 

It also excels in the tech department. Equipped with two silent motors and 3-stage legs, this sit-to-stand desk allows you to go from sitting to standing in one click. Smart anti-collision technology with built-in HALL SENSOR & AI CONTROL ensures safe use. We’ve added 2 luxurious smooth-gliding drawers for storage and home office supplies to keep you productive and your office looking streamlined. And, we added a cable power outlet holder under the table, which takes the jumble of cables tidily out of sight.

The Bottom Line

Transform your workspace into a haven of elegance and productivity with the curated pieces from our Ark Collection. This sophisticated collection allows you to elevate your home office with coordinated office storage solutions that seamlessly blend sophistication, functionality, and timeless charm.


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