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Have You Seen a Glass Gaming Desk With a Built in PC & RGB Lights?


If you are looking for the next upgrade for your gaming station, the GTG-EVO Glass Computer Case Standing Desk is a must-have for any PC enthusiast. Gaming desks have evolved considerably over the years, from the cheap office desk that crammed the PC, monitor, and accessories together to desks that were designed specifically for gamers alongside ergonomic chairs that crafted a more comprehensive and cohesive experience.

Glass Standing Gaming Desk With Builtin PC

The modern gaming desk does not just aim to provide a place for the monitor and keyboard, but it is uniquely tailored to create a seamless experience for the gamer. This is where our gaming glass desks come in.

A Touch of Glass

Gaming Glass Standing Desk Built in PC

A gaming glass desk adds something extra to the overall feel of the setup. Glass desks are viewed as statement pieces and are a far more sleek material in comparison to cheap and tatty wood.

If you are taking your gaming seriously, a glass desk is a major statement piece and a fantastic addition to a gaming room, especially when paired up with ergonomic gaming chairs made of leather. Put simply, a glass desk adds so much style to a space, it will entice you into sitting down and spending time with COD, Fortnite, or your game of choice.

Glass is also, thankfully, much easier to clean. Glass is a non-absorbent material, so it's easy to look after in comparison to wooden desks that absorb spillages and stains, so you can consume beverages and pizza to your heart’s content without compromising the material. Glass desks are also tough, and don't shatter easily.

Standing Glass Gaming Desk with Builtin PC

Modern tempered glass is really tough because of the treatments it goes under. The set-up of a glass desk also ensures you can look after your posture in the process.

Equipped with two programmable memory presets, our smart dual motor standing desk allows for maximum comfort whether you are sitting or standing. For anybody looking to protect their neck and back, standing up is a unique experience that can take some time to get used to, but our dual motor standing desk can make standing up feel like sitting down.

Let There Be Lights!

If you want to make your computer setup unique, glass windows make the PC the main attraction, but the icing on the cake undoubtedly comes from the RGB lighting. The immersive RGB lighting on the desk surface adds that extra level when it comes to aesthetics. Gaming desks don't have to be boring and monochrome; they can be a rainbow of colors.

The GTG-EVO Glass Computer Case Standing Desk has an integrated mid-tower PC case and full surface RGB lighting, so you can create a gaming setup that suits your needs.

The gaming desk shouldn't be a dull and drab item of furniture; it needs to add something extra to the experience. Glass gaming desks with built-in PCs and RGB lights are the future, and if you want to get involved you can check out the GTG-EVO Glass Computer Case Standing Desk right here.


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