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Leveling Up Your Corner Space for Your L-Shaped Desk


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You’ve decided you’ve had enough of your bland, underperforming corner setup and you’re going to buy into the L-shaped desk craze. Lots of possibilities, right? Did it just hit you? Seeing RGB lighting every time you blink? Daydreaming about more surface area for your work materials?

Specifically designed for corner areas, L-shaped desks are perfect for carving out a space for yourself, whether you intend to reserve that space for work, play, or both. Office work from home, online gaming with friends, storyboarding your script, bingeing your favorite show while eating sashimi—L-shaped desks provide the ideal stage for at-home activities beyond count. Their combination of compactness and convenience gives L-shaped desks such as the EGD 60” L-Shaped Standing Desk unrivaled structural versatility and has, unsurprisingly, made this category of desks very trendy.

Bringing your corner setup to its fullest potential begins with identifying what your space can accommodate. How large is the area? Which pieces of furniture are going to be nearby—will you have to reshuffle things? Window, no window? Will there be natural lighting, or will you need a lamp, and if so, what kind of lamp? Is there enough space to put a little practice amp next to your desk for when you want to practice guitar? What do you want on the walls? Any trophies to line up on a shelf? Should your corner setup be gamer-centric or work-centric, or do you want it to switch-hit? All good questions.

L-Shaped Desk Call of Duty Gaming Desk

There are several important matters to consider as you explore optimizing your corner space. Obviously, the wise choice of going for an L-shaped desk already occurred to you. Where do we go from there?

Zero in on three key aspects as you brainstorm ways to take your corner setup to the next level.

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Figure Out the Practical Stuff

As sensible a place to start as any. Convenience, comfort, and versatility remain our top priorities. You may look to the EGD 60” L Shape Standing Desk, for example, because it is available with the side panel on either the left or the right, making it adaptable to any corner setting. The GTG-L60, on the other hand, comes with a detachable side panel so that you can break it down and reassemble it with the side panel on the other end. Whichever you prefer comes down to what you’d rather set up.

Does your L-shaped desk possess standing desk capabilities? If so, then you’ll want to take into account any adjustments you might need to make—is the desk close enough to the wall to clip the window paneling when it rises? Will constantly changing the height affect your cable management at all?

L Shaped Gaming Desk Measurements

Assuming you’ve cleared everything that was in the way out of the way, you’re now working with a blank canvas. Assemble your L-shaped desk so you can get to injecting your setting with some life.

After your L-shaped desk is set up, you can begin outfitting it with your essentials. Computer, monitor (or monitors), keyboard, console (maybe), printer, an area for your notes or to sketch some stuff out on. Starting to feel like home?

L Shaped Gaming Desk Gamer Chair

Regardless of whether you’ll be working or gaming, your choice of chair will figure heavily into your overall satisfaction with your corner setup. Having 360-degree swiveling capabilities, 4D armrest adjustability, and customizable reclining position in your arsenal arms you for anything the day has to throw at you—so, put time into making the right choice, whether you go with a gaming chair or standard office chair. For people who chose the Call of Duty® Precision L Shaped Gaming Desk as the L-shaped desk for their corner setup, a natural pairing would be one of Eureka Ergonomic’s Warzone gaming chairs.

Foot rest for L Shape Gaming Desk

Other comfortable additions abound. Look to an ergonomic footrest to take a load off and make sure you’re resting your legs and feet in a healthy position.

L Shaped Gaming Desk Room With Lights

Make It Adaptable to Work & Play

An ability to transition from remote worker to live streamer has L-shaped desks surging in popularity, too. The range of services provided by the design makes L-shaped desks natural hosts for serious stuff and fun stuff, WFH, gaming, what have you.

The wealth of surface area combined with the compact shape marks L-shaped desks as ideal for remote workers and gamers alike. Desktops so large can support consoles, controller stands, and keyboards just as easily as they support computers, extra monitors, and sketchpads. If—like the EGD 60” L Shape Desk—your L-shaped desk is also a standing desk, then you get to take advantage of it throughout the day. Get up to get the blood pumping during remote work or adjust your view for gaming.

L Shaped Desk With 3 Monitors & Laptop

L Shaped Desk Call of Duty Mouse Pad

For the gamers, features such as RGB lighting remain a big draw. The RGB lighting offered by the Precision L Shape Gaming Desk and the GTG-L60 L Shape Glass Desk provide the perfect example of the diversity available. RGB lighting can line your side paneling, it can cast out from beneath monitor shelves, it can dance and flash across a tempered glass surface, it can react to music and impact. The multitude of RGB lighting options illustrates the breadth of forms it can take. You don’t even have to be a gamer to enjoy it—if you get an L-shaped desk with RGB lighting, you’ll have fun. Reserve this feature for the nighttime or brighten up your workday with a little lightshow on your lunchbreak. Lots to experiment with.

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Items such as stress balls, hand grips (for building hand and forearm strength), yo-yos, and Rubik’s cubes serve as further examples of accessories to add to your L-shaped corner setup to make it feel not only more like home but better suited for both work and play. All of these are great for breaking up the workday or for picking up whenever you feel like it.

Have fun as you determine how to best outfit your corner setup for whichever mode. You know yourself best, you’re the artist. And your L-shaped desk has given you the perfect easel.

L Shaped Desk Corner Home Office

Give It a Dose of Your Own Style

Speaking of easels—now the real personal flourishes get to take place.

L Shaped Desk Call of Duty Floor Mats

Maybe you got something with RGB lighting, maybe you didn’t. Regardless of what you went with, you’re already beginning to curate your corner setup even if you don’t know it yet.

People who went for the GTG-L60 L Shape Glass Desk may have a preferred color they like to have on more often than not. With that in mind, envision the rest of your corner setup. Want things to match? Or looking for a complementing color? You can adorn your area however you see fit—color’s just an easy place to start from.

Whether your floor is carpeted or not will determine what you decide to do for décor—perhaps adding a rug with a print adds more dynamism to your corner space. Similarly, curtains and lamps contribute to ambiance a great deal.

L Shaped Gaming Desk Illustration Home Office

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This could’ve gone with the “work and play” stuff, but maybe you dabble in music as a hobby. Setting up a guitar stand next to your L-shaped desk adds pleasing geometrical variety to your corner setup, not to mention personality. A setting is more than just its looks, after all.

Call of Duty® L Shaped Desk Floor Mat

We all have our favorite movies, shows, books, franchises. Things that not only are special to us but on a subconscious level bring us calm and comfort, a sense of security and familiarity. If you’re a big Call of Duty® fan, you probably already went for the Precision L Shape Gaming Desk and a Warzone Gaming Chair. Have you thought about completing the corner setup with a Call of Duty® mousepad or—better yet—floormat?

Call of Duty® Precision L Shaped Gaming Desk

Does a framed 4”x3” poster of your favorite action movie get you hyped before playing your favorite shooter? A collectible bobblehead of your favorite sports player inspire you to cross some people up online? Organizing books in a row on unused space of your L-shaped desk can imbue your corner setup with a calming air—one that will lend itself to work motivation as well as creative inspiration.

Nail down the practical aspects. Make sure you’ve struck the balance between work and play. Outfit from there according to your own tastes.

Keep all this in mind and you’re sure to have leveled up your corner setup. Start your setup transformation by checking out Eureka Ergonomic's line of L Shape Desks here!

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