Why Would a Gamer Need a Standing Desk or Standing Desk converter?

Why Would a Gamer Need a Standing Desk or Standing Desk converter?


If you’ve spent any amount of time browsing the internet, you have probably come across an ad about  standing desks. However, you might be asking yourself, “Does a gamer really need a standing gaming desk?” The answer is a definitive YES!

Most serious gamers spend hours in front of their PC or their video game console. It can be nearly the same amount of time that a person sits at their work computer! It is not unusual for gamers to spend four or five-hour stretches attempting to level up. Those hours are just as detrimental to your health as the hours spent working in a cubicle if you don’t have  ergonomic gaming desks.

But...what if we also told you that converting to a standing gaming desk could also improve your game play experience? Yep. That’s right. Some people find that standing to play improves the game. Here are two reasons that may just have you ready to make the switch.

It’s Good for Your Health

Since this is a super important reason, we are making it number one. Hours spent in a sitting or reclined position are bad for your overall health. Most people spend so much time at the computer, on the couch watching TV, and driving in the car, that they could easily be spending 10 hours of their day sitting.

Switching to stand-up gaming desks can decrease any back, neck, or shoulder pain that you are having. Back pain tends to be one of the biggest complaints from people who must sit at a desk all day. Research shows that moving from sitting to a  standing desk, back pain improved by 32%.

It’s Good for Your Focus

Many people find that standing makes them more focuses on the game. This newly found alertness can actually improve performance. However, it can take a little time getting used to using the controls from a standing position, but once you get used to the switch, you will see the increase.

Standing Gaming Desks

Also, standing can increase your energy levels, allowing you to play for longer stretches of time in your new hyper focused state. Then when you start to feel a little tired, your gaming desk can be lowered back to your favorite sitting position.

Standing Gaming Desk

So, we’ve convinced you that you need to give this whole standing gaming desk thing a whirl, but you don’t want to waste all of your gaming gear budget on a new desk set-up. Consider the standing desk converter like the ones available from  Eureka Ergonomic. Our standing gaming desks make moving from a seated position to a standing position effortless.

One of the best things about the Eureka Ergonomic  electric standing gaming desk and stand up desk converter is that it doesn’t have any preset height positions. You can adjust it to whatever height is most comfortable for you while standing. Plus, we have plenty of  gaming desks that will comfortably fit all of your gaming needs and are sturdy enough for you to bang away at your keyboard.

All Eureka Ergonomic products are held to a very high standard which makes us confident that you will love your new gaming set-up, but if you don’t, send it back. All of our standing desks and converters come with a  30-day risk-free guarantee and free shipping.

Standing Gaming Desks


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