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5 Reasons to Buy an Ergonomic Chair Instead of a Regular Office Chair

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Ergonomic chairs have been the talk of the town as of late, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re built specifically to make our daily lives easier.

As humans, we gravitate towards comfort and things that make us feel better. We’ve sat in too many uncomfortable chairs to be fooled by the promises of standard office chairs. Ergonomic chairs, on the other hand—there’s the promise of something better, the promise of smoother mechanics, of a sense of luxury, the promise of convenience and durable parts and long-lasting use. Simply put, the best ergonomic chair fulfills all the promises an ordinary office chair doesn’t.

What has our experience with regular office chairs been like? Generally speaking—inconsistent, at best. The jig is up. We’ve done enough research, lived long enough, to know by now that run-of-the-mill office chairs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. They’re basic and lame, and lack ambition.

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Why deprive ourselves of comfort and good health when we don’t have to? Ergonomic chairs are sitting right there. There are ergonomic office chairs, ergonomic gaming chairs—there’s nothing stopping us from moving on to greener pastures.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why ergonomic chairs are the superior option in the chair world. But, for argument’s sake, here are the five primary reasons you’ll want to purchase an ergonomic chair over a regular office chair…

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  • 1.They promote back, hip, and neck health

Ergonomic chairs emphasize health as one of their priorities. That means reducing back pain, neck pain, hip pain; promoting better posture; and helping you build new sitting habits that are more beneficial to your body. Ergonomic chairs understand that humans have a natural way of sitting, one that doesn’t actively worsen our overall health. Ergonomic chairs help us reunite with a natural, healthy way of sitting!

Features such as dual backrests (for added spinal comfort), mesh cushions, lumbar support pillows, and headrests make ergonomic chairs a no-brainer when it comes to finding a chair that will address back pain, hip pain, and neck pain. All regular office chairs do is exacerbate the problems they helped start!

Non Ergonomic chairs cause back pain

  • 2.They last longer than regular chairs

Everyone’s had a broken down office chair. Those things break down all the time—barely last long enough for you to get any valuable use out of them. They already don’t support your body or promote healthy posture, so you’re running out of reasons for continuing to go with them.

Despite their simplicity, ordinary office chairs typically break down within a year of purchase due to wear and tear. What about ergonomic chairs? Well, their producers know how much of a beating a chair takes on a daily basis, so they build their chairs so that they’re sure to last much longer than standard office chairs.

  • 3.They can be customized to your needs

Standard office chairs are barebones. What you see is what you get—and sometimes, even less than that. Something with a vertical line and horizontal line and some depth and you sit in it. Not complicated.

Ergonomic chairs seek to maximize your sitting experience. For tall people who may require more legroom—being able to crank the height of your chair up would make a huge difference for you, would it not? Similarly, people have varying spine lengths, so having a headrest that fits right at the base of your neck really counts for something. Ergonomic chairs often come equipped with adjustable headrests. Maybe your armrests aren’t sitting where you want—adjust those, too, and problem no more!

Ergonomic chairs offer a range of sitting options, appropriate for all bodies.

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  • 4.They’re made from higher-quality materials

Because standard office chairs are cranked out for mass distribution, they’re more often than not constructed from the cheapest materials the manufacturer could find. We don’t like that.

Producers of ergonomic chairs, however, have to invest in the quality of their product if it is going to do even half of the things it says it can. You can’t very well make a sophisticated ergonomic gaming chair without making sure it’s made from adequate stuff. Special mesh, high-quality elastic, strong frames, leather, leatherette. Whatever material it is, rest assured if it’s attached to an ergonomic chair, it’s good. It has to be.

  • 5.They have better performance

Related to the previous point (and, to be fair, to all the other points), ergonomic chairs are asked to do more than standard office chairs are. They have to be able to adjust height. Their headrests often have to be adjustable. Many ergonomic chairs come with armrests that are adjustable, too. That’s to say nothing of the customizing you can do with the depth of your seat.

That’s 360 degrees! That’s up and down! That’s a wider range of motion than most things on the planet. Run-of-the-mill office chairs roll across the floor, and that’s about it. Do they do things to increase comfort? Do they have features that make your day-to-day activities more convenient? If not, then why bother?

Ergonomic chairs are there to perform. For you.

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