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EGD-L60 Standing Desk, Walnut, 60'', Left

$599.99  - $50.00 OFF

EGD-L60, Standing Desk, Walnut, 60'', Left

$599.99  - $50.00 OFF
Normally Ships In 2-3 Business Days

61" L Shape Standing Desk, Left lets you make the most of your corner space. Classic walnut wood finish is perfect for any home office computer setup.

L Shape 60 inch height adjustable desk, walnut, left and right side double setup
Controllable RGB Lighting
Control your space with the push of a button.
Controllable RGB Lighting
Smart Height Adjustment Controller
Two programmable memory presets with two built in USB charging ports.
Up and Down Movement
USB Charging Ports x 2
Memory Presets
LED Display
Controllable RGB Lighting
Controllable RGB Lighting Up and Down Movement
Controllable RGB Lighting Memory Presets
Controllable RGB Lighting USB Charging Ports * 2
Controllable RGB Lighting LED Display
L Shape 60 inch height adjustable desk walnut left side competitor comparison chart



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