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L60 L Desk, Black, 60'' Left

$299.99  - $30.00 OFF

L60, L Desk, Black, 60'' Left

$299.99  - $30.00 OFF
Normally Ships In 2-4 Business Days
GAMING DESK: L60 60" Black L Shaped, Left - Full Blown Gaming Room - Dual Monitors - Laptop - Speaker - Eureka Ergonomic GAMING-DESKS SCENE9
Built to Last
Carbon steel desk frame is capable of supporting the heaviest of setups.
GAMING DESK: L60 60" Black L Shaped, Left - Built To Last Carbon Steel Frame - Eureka Ergonomic GAMING-DESKS SCENE10
Included Mouse Pad
Included extra large mouse pad uses premium materials that provide smooth mouse movement and accurate mouse tracking.
GAMING DESK: L60 60" Black L Shaped, Left - Included Extra Large Mouse Pad - Red Scorpion - Eureka Ergonomic GAMING-DESKS SCENE11
Built In Cable Management System
The cable management on both sides help route cables while adding style to the desk.
GAMING DESK: L60 60" Black L Shaped, Left - Cable Management On Both Sides Help Route Cables While Adding Style - Eureka Ergonomic GAMING-DESKS SCENE12
Socket Holder
Get that tangled mess of cords under control with the under-desk cable management socket holder.
GAMING DESK: L60 60" Black L Shaped, Left - Tangled Mess Of Cords Under Control & Under The Desk - Eureka Ergonomic GAMING-DESKS SCENE13



Eureka Ergonomic raises the bar with this latest addition to its line of signature, high-class gaming desks, the 60” L60 L SHAPE gaming desk. Its 60”-wide capacity provides ample space for any setup, making it ideal not only for gaming but for work, editing, music production, and a multitude of other purposes. This gaming desk is equipped with amenities focused on convenience and optimal efficiency, featuring a socket holder and built-in cable management system, integrated power strip storage, an original mousepad, and more. Its thick, strong carbon steel frame guarantees long-lasting enjoyment and utility. When it comes to gaming desks, the 60” L60 L SHAPE gaming desk can’t be beat.

Sustainably manufactured from only the finest materials, EPA-compliant, third party-approved, and perfectly malleable to gamer and non-gamer purposes alike, the 60” L60 L SHAPE gaming desk gaming desk promises the full spectrum of utility, sophisticated technology, and convenience.


Add one of our innovative ergonomic gaming chairs to your setup for maximum comfort and range, available in multiple colors!


Price: $269.99

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