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The Eureka Ergonomic adjustable gaming keyboard tray is the perfect upgrade for your gaming battle station or adjustable standing desk. This keyboard tray is fully adjustable. It can rotate left to right, tilt the keyboard angle up or down, adjust the keyboard tray up or down, and is retractable if you need to get closer to your monitor. The best way to know if you like it, is to try it for yourself. We're offering you a 30-day risk free guarantee. If you don't like it, just send it back.


  • Adjustable Slide-out Keyboard Tray: ergonomic keyboard tray,360° horizontally rotated and 15° vertically tilted
  • Compatible with Different types of Desk: fits desks with beams. Compatible with desktop made of materials such as wood, MDF or other material with similar characteristics
  • Plenty of Space for Keyboard and Mouse: 28.35”x10.24” large carbon fiber board
  • Equipped With Lip for Wrist Rest: supporting your wrist and preventing your keyboard from sliding down
  • Stable Mechanism & Solid Material: made of durable and solid material. Easy to assembly.
  • Please note:plastic, stone and glass desktops are not compatible
  • Please make sure your desktop thickness is at least 18MM
  • Not Compatible with GTG Glass Gaming Desk series


  • SKU: ERK-AKB-02-V1
  • Overall Dimensions: 30.31'' x 10.83'' x 6.81''
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Stable Mechanism & Solid Material
  • Weight: 12.46 lbs.
  • Style: Modern, Practical, Gaming
  • Room Type: Office, Home Office


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Black & Blue Practical Gaming Adjustable Slide-out Keyboard Tray
Regular price $105.99
Regular price $129.99 Sale price $105.99
Eureka-Keyboard Tray
  • angle
    360° Horizontally Swiveling
  • angle
    Tilting Angle
  • angle
    Height Adjustable
  • angle

Without Beams

Eureka-Keyboard TrayWith Beams

Eureka-Keyboard Tray
Eureka-Keyboard Tray
Eureka-Keyboard Tray

Modernize Your Office with Eureka Ergonomic

Eureka-Keyboard Tray

Customer Reviews

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Built like a tank w/caveat and two mentions!

Yes, this “slide” out keyboard tray is expensive. The quality matches the price in my opinion though, which is made even better with an auto 10% off for your email address and telephone number. It’s worth it if you’re buying a Eureka Desk along with this keyboard tray. Now, on to the keyboard tray review.
The instructions are very easy to follow and the extra added pieces in the package help to make the tray attach to what seems like an endless design of desks. The metal parts of the tray like the brackets, knobs and bolts feel like a strong metal. No easy bending or warping happening with this unit. The keyboards slab of wood could be a little wider. When I enjoy a game or two, I slide my keyboard way to the right, it basically matches the width of the arms of my computer chair. I rest my elbow on the chairs arm rest. Luckily, I have a Corsair mechanical keyboard which is very heavy and helps with stabilizing the keyboard while it slightly dangles off the side of the tray. This is not the caveat that is mentioned in the title because to me, the keyboard is not going anywhere, even though I wish these companies would stop being stingy with length and depth, I’ll get to my complaint about depth in a few.

The keyboard tray does not slide or glide back to front, those words insinuate an easy smooth motion. This thing is rough, not grindy-(is that a word, lol) but it takes some power to move it in and out from underneath the desk; stiff movement would fit here better. I’m actually okay with that because the tray stays in place and does not move around unnecessarily, once you set it where you want it, good! The caveat I mentioned earlier pertains to the knob under the tray,(see picture circled in red, the whole length is 10 inches, ridiculous, I know),that allows for motion of setting the tray higher or lower. If you look close at the design, in the front where the Eureka emblem sits, that piece of metal with the displayed name prevents the keyboard tray from being at its max height while being able to slide under the desk simultaneously. So in theory, if your preferred height for the keyboard tray is high, well, you will need to play with the knob that lowers and heightens the tray every time you’re ready to use your keyboard. With that being annoying enough, here is the caveat, the knob is connected to the longest piece of steal I ever seen needed to attach a knob too and that very knob, will bang into your right knee if you sit under the tray, like most PC users do. Why Eureka could not shorten the length of the rod that houses the knob used for tightening and loosening is simply beyond my understanding or comprehension. But I digress, the rest of the unit is a pleasure to use with the exception of those two issues, one worse than the other, for sure. Buy it, I still think it is good but will hope future versions take the caveat and one mention into consideration.

Oh and about the depth issue I “mentioned” earlier, desks all seem to shy away from anything past 21-23” of depth. Interestingly, I found another brand on A*az*n after the fact of already purchasing the Z1-S from Eureka. It has a 30” depth but no reviews so I would have been apprehensive to plunk down the cash, even though the depth would have been perfect for me since I’d rather have my monitor further away from my face than my phone is. This issue does not have anything to do with the tray but I wanted add because, well I was on a rant and if Eureka reads this review, which I doubt, perhaps future desks can be more accommodating to depth.

Thank you for sharing your detailed feedback on the Eureka keyboard tray. We appreciate your thorough review and the insights you've provided about your experience with the product. We understand your points of concern regarding the width of the keyboard tray and the stiffness of its movement.

Your feedback about the knob's length and positioning is also duly noted. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to work on improving our products, taking into consideration the issues you've raised.Thank you once again for choosing Eureka, and we hope that your overall experience with the keyboard tray continues to be positive.

With modding it's not bad

So first the good is it fits their desks. I also Installed a Ultimate Cable management box under the desk to the rear. I had to make the keyboard tray flush with the front of the desk and move some of the mounting points to another holed area on the tray but I got everything to fit with enough clearance. It could be way worse... The adjustment knob bolt is way too long. I took the bolt out and shortened it to 130mm total in length and tapped the bolt the same thread which is M8x1.25... The modded bolt was threaded to the portion of 100mm-130mm mark. Once I put the bolt back in with the center support tube and washers I spaced the tightening knob off 10mm with washers. So it wouldn't come in contact with the movable axis bolt of the tray. How it comes designed out the box, the knob was digging into my leg. I think the adjustment knob can be moved closer to the center part rather than being almost 10 inches long and defiantly sticking into peoples legs. Also for the price it could of had ball bearing slides. The sliding of this keyboard tray is clunky and it has allot of resistance and hitches when sliding it in and out. I knew some silicon dioxide "Dielectric Tune-up Grease" would safely lube the nylon bushing on the metal track.. It did and the tray moves a little smoother, but if they ever design a ball bearing version I'd rather have that one instead. Given the fast that there customer service is top notch and the mod helped this trays potential I give it a 4/5.... If your aren't great with a tap and die set. Just order a 130mm M8x1.25 bolt. You will still use the center tube spacer and the washer on both sides of that tube. But the tube to the right gets eliminated and stack the washers before the knob to 10mm so the knob doesn't contact the center pivot bolt. And Walah.


Thank you so much for all your feedback and all the additional information from your modding experience for future customers! If you would like to find out any specific measurements or part sizes for future modding, please feel free to reach out to our customer service to provide those for you. We hope you continue to enjoy our products!

Thank you,
Customer Service Team

Michelle Beckley
Really enjoying it

I love this tray. I was looking for something super adjustable and this is it. Installing does take a little bit of thought if your desk doesn't exactly match their examples but wasn't too hard to figure out.

I took off a star because of the wrist pad. I wish they didn't include it all. Luckily it was easy to remove. You just have to unscrew it. But now the mat they provide is the wrong shape and I have to stare at the screw holes.

C. Dean
Works perfectly, lots of space for keyboard an mouse!

Long review. Short summary:
1. No fatigue or pain after 8/10 hours at the desk.
2. Plenty of space for keyboard and mouse.
3. Adjusts exactly where I need it.
4. Easy to install.
5. More cost-effective than buying a $1000 chair to adjust to your desk.
6. Very happy and would recommend.
7. tray adjustment isn't as smooth as the very expensive ergonomic trays, but the difference in smooth movement isn't worth $500.

I installed this on my adjustable height desk, 2x4 ft top. I was able to install it over the crossmember on the adjustable height desk without any problem.

To minimize fatigue and pain, ergonomic experts suggest that you're legs should be bent at the knee at 90°. Your upper arms should be bent 90° at the elbow, with your forearms resting on the armrests of the chair, allowing your hands to move free, and your head pointed straight forward. I'm able to obtain the correct settings for my arms and legs with this tray and my $100 big box store chair.

I've had very expensive ergonomic trays at past companies where I have worked and I wasn't sure if this cheap one would adjust enough for me, but works just fine. I just leave it in the position where I use it as I have no reason to put it under the table on a regular basis. I use the LARGE Microsoft ergonomic keyboard and the tray has plenty of room for the keyboard and mouse. I posted one picture with my big ergonomic keyboard on the tray and another with a regular size keyboard. A little vegetable oil might help it slide more smoothly when you try and push it all the way underneath the desk, but I didn't want to try that as I worried it would allow the tray to move while I'm typing.

Amazon has some very inexpensive adjustable height desks starting around $130, I would HIGHLY recommend getting one to go with this . A 2' x 4' top is plenty of space when you have this tray. It makes it even easier to get comfortable relative to the position of your chair.

The only thing I might change would have been to install the tray a little off-center to account for how my 24 inch monitors fit on my desk.

Definitely compliments my Eureka L-shape desk!! Love it!

Love this add-in to my Eureka L-Shape desk!! Matching desktop and keyboard tray pads. Love it how the pad covers the whole keyboard tray.