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Z60 Gaming Desk, Black, 60''

$299.99  - $30.00 OFF

Z60, Gaming Desk, Black, 60''

$299.99  - $30.00 OFF
Normally Ships In 2-4 Business Days
GAMING DESK: Z 60" RGB - Full Width Banner - Blue Gaming Chair - Dual Monitors  - Eureka Ergonomic GAMING-DESKS SCENE11
Sturdy Z-Shaped Legs
Stable Z-shaped legs with four leveling feet to make sure your PC gaming desk is level and stable.
GAMING DESK: Z 60" RGB - Rock Solid Z Shaped Stable Structure  - Eureka Ergonomic GAMING-DESKS SCENE12
Controllable RGB Lighting Armor
Control the vibe of your setup with the push of a button.
GAMING DESK: Z 60" RGB - Controllable RGB Lighting Armor  - Eureka Ergonomic GAMING-DESKS SCENE13
Free Accessories to Complete Your Setup
Controller/headphones stand, cup holder, headphone hook, socket holder, and mouse pad let you complete your setup
GAMING DESK: Z 60" RGB - Controller/headphones Stand - Cup Holder - Headphone Hook, Socket Holder  - Eureka Ergonomic GAMING-DESKS SCENE14




Eureka Ergonomic delivers the foremost gaming desk experience yet again with this latest in its series of sustainably made, patented technology gaming desks: the Z60 60” RGB GAMING DESK. This gaming desk’s 60”-wide carbon fiber texture desktop can support up to 500lbs, making it ideal not only for gaming but for office work, editing, music production, podcasting, organization, general use, and a multitude of other purposes. This gaming desk is equipped with amenities focused on convenience, efficiency, and entertainment, featuring controllable RGB lighting (available in an array of vibrant colors and patterns), built-in cable management, headphone hook, controller stand, socket holder, signature mousepad, and more. Its strong, Z-shape carbon steel legs and sturdy frame guarantee long-lasting enjoyment and functionality. The Z60 60” RGB GAMING DESK is a must-have for any gamer looking to take their station to the next level.

Eco-friendly, sustainably manufactured from only the finest materials, EPA-compliant, third party-approved, and perfectly malleable to gamer and non-gamer purposes alike, the Z60 60” RGB GAMING DESK gaming desk promises the full spectrum of utility, sophisticated technology, and convenience.

Add one of our innovative ergonomic gaming chairs to your setup for maximum comfort and range, available in multiple colors!

Price: $254.99

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