Meet our new Ark Desks: redefining executive standing desk style and functionality

Bring Joy and Productivity to Your Home Office with Timeless Vintage Style


Did you know that the average person spends 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. We get it – that's a ton of time in the office! At Eureka Ergonomic, we're on a mission to lighten your workload by creating workspaces that champion movement, productivity, and pure joy. If you're all about that warm, inviting vintage vibe but demand top-notch ergonomics and tech-savvy solutions, peek into our latest creation, the Ark ES desk, and its perfect home office companions. Your workdays just got a whole lot cozier and efficient!

The Ark ES Standing Desk: Vintage Style to Elevate Your Home Office Ambiance

Our brand-new Ark ES, 60x26 Standing Desk, featuring a warm two-tone finish, artistic antiquing, and a fine and intricate wave-shaped panel, combines vintage charm with tech innovations. It’s a look that says "furniture" rather than "office furniture," and that design decision is quite intentional. Why shouldn’t your office be a seamless extension of your home environment and express your unique style and taste? And not everyone loves that cold clinical look that's populating offices these days. 

We cleverly integrated cutting-edge technology with healthy office concepts in its winning shape — without destroying its aesthetics. The Ark ES Standing Desk is equipped with a Eureka-designed dual motor and 2-stage legs, which allows you to go from sitting to standing in one click. Smart anti-collision technology with built-in HALL SENSOR & AI CONTROL ensures safe use. We’ve added a dedicated storage cabinet to keep you productive and your office looking streamlined. The cable power outlet holder is under the table, which takes the jumble of cords neatly out of sight.

Ark ES drawing
A glimpse into our creative process


  • Desktop Size:  60" x 26.8"
  • Height Range: 29.5" x 48"
  • Color: Cherry Wood & White
  • Shape:  L shape
  • Desktop Material Type:  Melamine
  • Legs Material Type:  Pu Paper Laminate
  • Base Material:  Alloy Steel
  • Charging Configuration:  Built-in USB ports on the desktop and a wireless fast-charging function

The ARK ES Storage Cabinet: The Perfect Pairing

To create that warm, comfortable and inviting cohesive look for your home office, pair the Ark ES with the Ark ES, 29" File Storage Cabinet. Featuring the same dual-tone finish and elegant wave design, this cabinet brings timeless flair to your space while optimizing your storage capacity. Made with sustainable materials, it's sturdy and environmentally friendly. The adjustable drawer spacing allows for easy organization of letters and files, making it a breeze to keep everything neatly stored and easily accessible.

Show Off Your Style and Get Organized with the Ark ES Display Bookshelf

The beautiful Ark ES, 77'' Display Bookshelf with Storage Cabinet completes the look. Crafted from peach heartwood, the antique white bookshelf is adorned with delicate wave patterns that add artistic flair to your home office. With four shelves and a double-door privacy cabinet, it provides ample storage while adding a touch of timeless beauty and functionality to your home decor. The reinforced cylindrical legs provide added support and durability, and the bookshelf also features an anti-tipping device for peace of mind.

Complete the Sophisticated Look with the Luxe Preston Executive Chair

If you’re looking to upgrade your office chair with an upscale executive vibe that’s as stylish as it’s functional and ergonomic, check out our new Preston, Executive Home Office Chair. It's a perfect foil for the Ark ES aesthetic and makes quite the statement in luxe brown PU leather. The ergonomic three-stage backrest provides all-around support from the lower back to the neck, relieving fatigue during prolonged sitting. 

Ventilation holes in the backrest and seat cushion release pressure and allow for airflow, creating a sensation of being comfortably enveloped while sitting in the chair, enhancing the overall comfort of office work. Its avant-garde U-shaped cushion is soft and fluffy, avoiding compression on the back of the thighs. The combination of brown PU leather with champagne gold-painted armrests adds to its distinctive charm. The Preston chair boasts adjustable height, 360-degree swivel, and a slight recline for ultimate relaxation and flexibility.

The Bottom Line

Invest in a seamless fusion of timeless style and advanced functionality, ensuring your workspace reflects your taste and promotes a healthier, organized lifestyle. Make those 90,000 hours at work a delightful experience with our commitment to elevating your office game. Check out the full Ark Series here and step into a world where work meets inspiration!



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