Feeling the desk slump?

Feeling Sluggish at Work? Check Out the Top 7 Tips for Boosting Dopamine


Ever been happily in the zone at work, conquering your to-do list with the grace of a productivity ninja, only to be suddenly blindsided by the dreaded desk drowsiness? It's like you're so tired, the idea of using your keyboard as a makeshift pillow starts to sound appealing. Creative thought completely is elusive. You’re all out of ideas. And forget about a coffee perk — you've already danced with that caffeine devil twice. We know, you know the feeling. Now what?


We’ve all been there and experienced the work slump. It’s tricky to fight against that overwhelming feeling of lethargy and listlessness when it hits. But worry not, we've got some secret weapons up our sleeves! Buckle up and discover how to turn the tables, boost your dopamine levels, and skyrocket your mood.

1. Go for a Micro Break Walk

Boost your dopamine by going for a brief walk

Did you know you're entitled to not one but two glorious 10-minute breaks a day? Time to seize the opportunity, grab a coworker (because company makes everything better), and make your way to the great outdoors for a quick stroll. Trust us, your juices will thank you, and Vitamin D will be your newfound BFF.

Now, not everyone works in a lush, green paradise. But fear not, even in industrial areas, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Notice the mesmerizing play of light and shadows on that office building? Or how about that little green weed defying the odds, pushing its way through a sidewalk crack? Nature's wonders are everywhere if you look close enough.

Just keep walking! This micro break isn't about taking in the scenery; it's a about getting your blood pumping and energy soaring. According to Psychology Today, walking not only boosts circulation and blood flow to the brain but also improves your cognitive function, thinking, and creativity levels.

2. Crank Up the Tunes 🎶

Improve your mood by cranking up the tunes

Need a quick way to boost dopamine? Say hello to your musical ally! Grab those noise-cancelling headphones, fire up your Spotify playlist, and let the tunes work their magic. The impact of music on the brain is like a superhero for your mood, especially in areas connected to reward and pleasure systems.


When a song hits you right in the feels, triggering those spine-tingling chills, you're not just having a musical moment – you're potentially elevating your dopamine levels. And guess what? It's not about sticking to happy tunes only. Some folks find solace in the elegance of classical compositions, while others channel their inner "bad bitch" with a theme song. Some even find mood elevation in the somber notes of a melancholic melody. It's a deeply personal playlist party, and you're the DJ of your dopamine delight!

What is Dopamine?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that knows how to party! It's the ultimate messenger, pulling strings in the brain's backstage to make things happen. Picture it disco-dancing between nerve cells, spreading vibes of pleasure, reward, and motivation. It's the conductor of the brain's symphony, orchestrating the feel-good tunes of life. When dopamine hits, it's all about reinforcing behaviors that spark joy!

3. Check Out a Podcast to Boost Dopamine

The Viall Files

Trade the tunes for talk! Skip the music, and dive into the world of podcasts for a quick 10-minute pick-me-up. Whether it's a comedy show, a self-help session, “how to get rich” wizardry, a gripping murder mystery, or a scientific exploration to shake those sleepy brain cells awake – the options are endless!

In just a short burst, you'll forget all about the uninspired slump and sluggish vibes. Consider it a mental reset button that primes you for a refreshed and revitalized comeback. So, plug in those earbuds and let the podcast voices take the stage.

Here are 5 podcasts we love:

  • Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend – Listen to the late-night comedian chat with folks like Adam Driver, Dave Grohl, Sir Patrick Stewart and Ed Sheeran.

  • Rich Habits – “A literacy podcast for anyone ready to take back control of their money by implementing new habits.”

  • Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris - Learn how to be just a tiny bit happier with the help from peeps like the Dalai Lama himself and Kamaro from “Queer Eye.”

  • The Viall Files delves into various aspects of dating and love, covering topics ranging from recovering after a breakup to intriguing text messages, with three (and occasionally four) episodes each week.

  • Career Contessa - A weekly podcast offering advice tailored for women, concentrating on topics related to work and providing solutions to career queries. Tune in for insights that can help you achieve greater fulfillment, health, and success in your professional life.

4. Stand Up at Your Desk

According to www.healthline.com, a seven-week study revealed that participants using standing desks reported lower stress and fatigue compared to their seated counterparts. In addition, a whopping 87% of standing desk enthusiasts reported increased vigor and energy throughout the day. Let that nugget of wisdom sink in! So, why stay stuck in a sedentary slump when you can elevate both your desk and your energy levels? Standing desks: because sitting is so last season!

5. Go for a Mister!

Yeah, yeah, you’re going to say it’s woo-woo but scents really do improve mood!  Think fresh scents like lemon, peppermint, orange, yuzu and rosemary to go from sluggish to alert. That’s why we like to have a little spritzer handy on our desk. When we feel tired and moody, we simply mist our face with a few sprays! And aaah!!! 


We suggest stepping away from your co-workers and doing it in the relative privacy of the hallway or bathroom, since some people can be irritated by smells.

Our 3 favorite aromatherapy misters:


Caudalie Beauty Elixir: This plant-based beauty has a huge cult following. It smells absolutely, herbaceously divine and even combats dry skin from office air-conditioning. We think the smell is gender-neutral!


Mario Badescu Facial Spray: Boys and girls will love this perennial favorite that features delicious rose water and herbs to give you an instant pick-me-up on the go.


Jenette Skincare Be Happy Brightening Toner: This toner is the perfect pick me up when you need to lift your spirits. It boasts organic grapefruit seed and lemon extract, as well as organic rosemary. The scent is non-binary!


6. Sit Up Straight!

Mom was right. Sit up straight! When you slouch in your chair, you collapse your chest and your lungs don't have the space to expand to get a full, rejuvenating breath. You end up breathing shallowly and this can make you feel tired. You simply don't get enough oxygen! Maybe it's time to change up your sitting game and get an ergonomic chair that helps you maintain a sound and scientific sitting posture. Our Typhon Hybrid Ergonomic Chair is crafted with cooling mesh and offers secure back and body support for any body type in any sitting position.

7. Prevent the Crash with These Techniques

Do a little sun worship to boost your dopamine levels and mood

Let’s talk about how to avoid the dopamine slump in the first place. There are several steps you can take to avoid falling into the rabbit hole of sluggish dysphoria at your desk.

  • Do a Little Sun Worship! 

    Exposure to sunlight early in the day regulates your body clock, boosts serotonin, and activates the brain, which collectively contributes to a potential increase in dopamine levels. This in turn, promotes a positive mood and mental alertness. Just set your alarm a little earlier. If it’s still dark where you live when you get up, grab ten minutes around noon!

  • Nix the Blue Light

    Avoiding excessive blue light in the evening helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle by preserving melatonin production, indirectly supporting dopamine levels, as proper sleep is essential for your neurotransmitter balance. So put that phone away and read a book instead of scrolling away on the socials.

  • Take a Cold Plunge

    Have you heard of the Hof Method? Instagram guru Wim Hof was all over our feed this year, getting celebs like Bradley Cooper, Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah Winfrey and Jack Dorsay (and mere mortals like us) to take cold plunges to boost anything from their sleep to their immune system to weight loss. We don’t recommend you jump into an ice hole, but some studies do suggest that exposure to cold, such as cold showers, can stimulate the production of dopamine.

Feeling sluggish at work? Check out pur tips for boosting dopamine!

The Takeaway

Feeling sluggish can be an unwelcome visitor. Yet, fear not, for we've shared an arsenal of strategies to boost your energy and elevate your mood. From getting a dose of early morning sunshine to taking a micro break walk, we've explored avenues that transcend the traditional desk-bound slump and boost dopamine levels. In short:

  1. Go for a Brief Walk

  2. Listen to Music

  3. Check out a Podcast

  4. Stand Up at Your Desk

  5. Indulge in Aromatherapy

  6. Sit Up Straight!

  7. Avoid the Crash


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