How to create the perfect home study!

How to Create an Elegant Home Study


Once a domain where Dad retreated after dinner for a cigar, Scotch, and a good book, the "study" was synonymous with what we now term a home office or master office. Formerly found mainly in upscale homes and adorned with antique tomes, a leather club chair, and a grand executive desk, the study has evolved. Today, it serves as a sanctuary for work, peaceful pursuit of hobbies, and, naturally, studying. Dive into our guide to discover how to curate the ideal blend of comfort, style, and well-being for your Study 2.0!

Pick the Right Location for Your Home Study or Master Office

Picking the right spot for your home study matters more than you think. Aim for a quiet oasis, far from noise, and go for a well-ventilated area drenched in natural light—it's the dream setup. And if you can swing it, position your study room to gaze upon a scenic view. It's the perfect ambiance for focused work and creative bursts.

Go for Personalized Style

Home is more than just a place to live. It’s where the heart is! Amidst the plethora of decorating styles, the key is knowing your own style vibe. Dive into a unique aesthetic for your space, embracing furniture and décor that expresses who you are. Make it eclectic if that's your groove but remember that a sense of unity comes across as more harmonious!

Elevate the look of your home study with the luxurious Ark, 63x23 L Shaped Standing Desk with Two-Drawers. This executive desk is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted, polished, and painted by skilled artisans. The result is a unique aesthetic that's all about excellence.

What makes the Ark desk stand out is its distinct wood finish and staining process. It also undergoes precision slicing and a smoking and heating treatment, which creates a mesmerizing dance of light and dark smoked layers. Multiple layers of hand-applied oil paint bring out the wood's natural oils, giving it a stunning golden glow. Every bit of wood grain is hand-aligned, and the excess is cut away. 

But the Ark Desk is not just a looker — it's a health advocate for your workspace. With two silent motors and 3-level legs, it's your ticket to effortlessly switch from sitting to standing with just one click.

Make It Ergonomic

When establishing your home study, prioritizing comfort can significantly enhance your mood and overall well-being. Go for ergonomic chairs—they let you soak in the joy of your new space and keep your health in check. What qualifies as an ergonomic office chair? According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's standards, three adjustable features are crucial:

Backrest: Tilted at least 15 degrees from the vertical position.

Lumbar support: Adjustable height to fit the lower back.

Armrests: Adjustable to allow arms to hang freely from the shoulders.

Meet one of our exceptionally stylish, but still ergonomic, home office chairs — the Galene. With classic colors and versatile good looks, the Galene is an elegant addition to any master office or workspace. whether you're studying, working, or enjoying your time.

Find Creative Storage and Display Solutions

Infuse your home study with a unique touch by incorporating personal items like family photos, favorite artwork, or family heirlooms, creating an inviting ambiance. Consider your display preferences and storage needs for books, documents, and office stuff.

Our Napa Wooden Bookcase Storage Cabinet is a beautiful display solution offering five tiers for showcasing books, framed photos, and cherished curios. For connoisseurs of craftsmanship, the Curio Cabinet with Adjustable Shelves is a stunning work of art, showcasing trinkets and figurines in a well-lit design complemented by ambience-boosting LED lighting.

Choose a Cozy & Luxe Lounge Chair

Create a cozy leisure spot in your home study—a place to read, enjoy a cup of afternoon tea, meditate, and unwind. All you need is a comfy leisure chair or recliner, maybe paired with a side table for essentials you’d like to have handy. It's the perfect setup for enjoying some peaceful “me” time.

Our Nappa Leather Comfort Ivory Lounge Chair is a culmination of scientific experiments for optimal comfort. The ergonomic waist design, with a cozy headrest, a double-layer seat bag, and smooth, imported Napa leather, guarantees a luxurious lounging session.

The Italian Minimalist Lounge Chair offers a sumptuous velvety texture that elevates the overall comfort of your home study. Inspired by the  Italian minimalist design, it embodies the essence of clean lines, simplicity, and the use of premium materials.

Go Green! Add Plants!

Get a plant for your desk as a mood boost

Pop in a few green plants in your home study space, and voilà, you're upgrading the air quality and creating a cozy, soul-warming zone. It's like giving your study room a breath of fresh air—literally! A Money Tree is a fun option. This green gem is about attracting positive vibes, good luck, and a sprinkle of prosperity to your space. 

Revitalize a dull office nook with a Dracaena! This impressive tall plant flaunts broad leaves with striking white, green, and chartreuse stripes to perk up your mood. Or bring a touch of whimsical greenery into your space with a trendy air plant, the ultimate hipster home accessory, offering minimal care and maximum charm.

The succulent trend has subsided a bit, but these little guys are so easy to take care of that they are a great option to add some green to your desk space!

The Bottom Line

You've just discovered the ultimate guide for embarking on your home study makeover, a transformative journey that will elevate your master office or home study into a haven of productivity, relaxation, and inspiration.


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