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How to Make Your Sci-fi Gaming Setup


Gaming Standing Desk AED 72-Inch

Smart desk, ergonomic chair, app-controlled functions, thrilling RGB patterns, crystalline tempered glass desktops, themed floormats, high-tech gaming accessories, mood-setting RGB lamps—are we traveling on an intergalactic expedition, or is this our newly minted gaming setup?

Computer: enhance. Let’s deck that room out with some futuristic drip. The future is now. The sci-fi gaming setup of your dreams awaits.

Studio Desk AED 72 Inch

Everyone wants their computer setup, their gaming setup—their personal space—to reflect what they like. This is truer for gamers than it is for most people—which is why it’s important to think about how you can create a personal setup that not only makes you feel at home but excites you.

Comms: Shooting for the Stars

You want special features and lots of space because you value convenience. So you may, for example, want to go for an L-shaped desk or a studio desk to start your gaming station off right. But you also want an inspiring aesthetic, one that invokes fond memories from your childhood of watching Star Wars or playing Bioshock, mesmerized by imaginary worlds. What if you could replicate that imaginary world for yourself?

Combine height adjustability and High Life?

Standing Desk EGD 62 Inch

Name me one gamer who isn’t a nerd. One who isn’t into science fiction. Show me a gamer who doesn’t value their personal space, their gaming setup, their computer setup, their hybrid work-from-home gaming station. Show me one gamer who doesn’t wear their affinities on their sleeve, or—in this case—on their walls, on their monitors, across their desktop, or anywhere within the vicinity of where their gaming takes place. Nerds and gamers share a level of seriousness some would categorize as second to none.

Industry professionals know gamers, like sci-fi nerds, are serious about their gaming experience, which explains the growing trend of decking out personal gaming setups. People have grown serious about the level of immersion achieved during their gaming sessions. I mean, just check out what this guy did . Talk about commitment to the immersive experience!

Does it need to be said again? Some of the most serious gamers—sci-fi fans.

For the right gaming chair, you might look to the popular Titan Evo from Secretlab , which consistently finds itself at the top of best gaming chair lists. If you’re attracted to this gaming chair but need to be a little more careful with your money, the WARZONE Gaming Chair from Eureka Ergonomic offers all of the same capabilities and makes a wonderful choice—especially if you’re a fan of the sci-fi action of Call of Duty® Modern Warfare®. (As a matter of fact, if you’re a fan of Call of Duty® at all, you should check out Eureka Ergonomic’s signature line of officially licensed Call of Duty® gaming desks , gaming chairs, and gaming accessories.)

Gaming Chair Red Call of Duty

Want your gaming area to reflect everything you love about science fiction and fantasy? We’ve got some great suggestions for you. Need inspiration for some cool wall art? How about collectibles? Is the Blade Runner neon glow of fiber optic RGB lighting the feature that’s calling out to you? The gaming desks in the GTG series will certainly stand out. What if your workstation doubles as a gaming setup so it has to be larger and more centralized? The AED Studio Desk will have you feeling like you’re operating a turret from on an intergalactic spaceship. A gaming desk with height adjustability could take you to the moon—the EGD 62-Inch RGB Standing Desk might be just the rocket for the trip.

Of course, you don’t have to stop there. Some people go the extra mile (or lightyear) and conceive ambitious gaming setups like this … That’s fun and impressive, but obviously not everyone can do that.

Your imagination and love for imagination landed you here. Now let’s get ready to terraform. The possibilities are endless!

Laser In: Setting Up Your Setup

You’ve taken the first step to creating your dream sci-fi gaming or computer setup. CONGRATULATIONS! Following are some ways to make your current space, or any space, feel like your very own sci-fi gaming or computer setup, starting with your gaming desk. Smart furniture, meet science fiction.

Podcaster studio desk

Want that powerful juggernaut space freighter look and feel? Check out the AED 72-Inch Studio Gaming Desk with its uniquely angled frame providing a centralized station for ultimate gaming immersion. The desktop is so broad, you could fit the control system for the Millennium Falcon on it. (Actually, that’s not a bad idea for an overall theme, if you ask me.) Flip on the RGB lights on its monitor shelves to simulate your warning system as you weave your way through an asteroid belt. If you’re on a budget, you might consider the L-Shaped Gaming Desk from MOTPK , but better options are out there.

If for you the lightshow is essential to an exciting, immersive science fiction gaming setup, then look to desks such as the GTG-L60 as standard-bearers. Strong tempered glass desktop, sleek RGB laced beneath the surface—it bursts with color and can react to surface impact and surrounding noises. It can even sync with your music!

Gaming glass desk GTG-L60

Your Sci-fi Setup: The Sum of Its Parts

A piece of art comes to life in the details, and that’s what your personal area should be about—making your piece of art come to life. Wall art, collectibles, memorabilia. It’s your space, and we all know about science fiction’s obsession with space.

What gaming desk you go with, what gaming chair you choose, which ergonomic furniture you build your foundation on will determine how fully realized your gaming space is. As has been laid out, plenty of high-quality home office and gaming furniture works, if you just know where to look!

As long as video games have been around, fantasy and science fiction have gone hand in hand with the medium. They’re a natural pair—video games and the genre of sci-fi transport you to different places. And that’s what gamers want out of their gaming setups—they want to be transported to a different place! A comfortable place, a safe place, a familiar place, a convenient place, a cool-looking place. A secondary-world setting. A place that feels like the inner walls of their imagination.

Rocket your gaming setup into orbit. The fun is just beginning.


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