EGD S62 Standing Desk, Black, 62''

$559.99  - $30.00 OFF

EGD S62, Standing Desk, Black, 62''

$559.99  - $30.00 OFF
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EGD 62"x27" RGB Electric Standing Desk combines health of ergonomic sit stand desks and features of gaming desks - the best upgrade for any computer setup.

Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk
Enjoy the health benefits of an adjustable sit stand desk in your Eureka gaming desk, with 4 programmable height settings and digital display for quick and easy transitions.
GAMING DESK - GAMING DESK: EGD 62" RGB Electric Standing - Electric Height Adjustable - Eureka Ergonomic GAMING-DESKS SCENE10
Ultra Strong Construction
High strength carbon steel legs and dual motors allow a weight capacity of 220 lbs. This stable and durable desk will support the heaviest computer setups, while maintaining quick, silent height transitions.
GAMING DESK - GAMING DESK: EGD 62" RGB Electric Standing - Ultra Strong Construction - Eureka Ergonomic GAMING-DESKS SCENE11
Built-In RGB Desk Lighting
Control the vibe of your gaming setup with the push of a button thanks to integrated RGB LED lights. Choose between 6 solid colors, cycle between colors, or fade between colors.
GAMING DESK - GAMING DESK: EGD 62" RGB Electric Standing - Multiple Light Modes - Eureka Ergonomic GAMING-DESKS SCENE12
Full Surface Mouse Pad
Ultra-wide full surface gaming mouse pad uses premium materials that provide smooth mouse movement and accurate mouse tracking, turning the entire desktop into usable space.




From the world’s premier gaming desk producer Eureka Ergonomic comes the EGD 62” RGB ELECTRIC STANDING DESK, a state-of-the-art gaming desk suitable for anyone and everyone. Its patented smart calculation software provides programmable settings as well as 4 memory presets so that you can calibrate it to precisely the height you want, while its strong commercial-grade carbon steel body and dual motors not only support the heaviest of setups but also promise world-class durability and functionality. Its built-in, controllable RGB lighting gives it an exciting flourish, making the EGD RGB ELECTRIC STANDING DESK like no other ergonomic gaming desk out there.

Sustainably manufactured from only the finest materials and perfectly malleable to gamer and non-gamer purposes alike, the EGD 62” RGB ELECTRIC ELECRIC STANDING DESK stands unmatched as a gaming desk and is also a perfect match for everybody and every body seeking the most sophisticated ergonomic standing desk.


Add one of our innovative ergonomic gaming chairs to your setup for maximum comfort and range, available in multiple colors!


Price: $475.99

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