Messy Desk? Declutter Your Space with the Aero 72 Standing Desk

Messy Desk? Declutter Your Space with the Aero 72 Standing Desk


With the Aero 72 Standing Desk it’s easy to create a workspace you’ll love — whether you’re looking to elevate your WFH experience or create the ultimate gaming setup. Beautifully crafted with stylish and contemporary good looks, this standout wing-shaped standing desk packs in so many amazing features, it will make you think: "Why didn’t I get one sooner?"

The Aero 72 basically ticks all the right boxes. Extra-large desk space with room for several monitors, iPads, and everything you need at your fingertips? Check. Individualized adjustability to perfect the way you like to sit, play, and work? Check. Versatile keyboard tray? Check! Let’s take a closer look and break down what makes the Aero 72 Standing Desk so dynamic.

The Benefits of a Wing-shaped Desk: More Space for All Your "Clutter"

We all know the headache of having too much clutter on our desks. Some people like things messy but chaos is not exactly great for most people’s productivity! Wing-shaped desks are a great solution. They provide a larger and more versatile workspace than standard rectangular desks. The Aero 72’s two wings create additional surface area for spreading out your work, accommodating multiple monitors, and placing essential items within arm's reach.

Aside from offering plenty of extra space, the desk’s wings can be used to create separate work zones for different purposes and tasks. For instance, you can put your Mac for homework or work-work on one side and your PC for gaming on the other — or you can stack your screens. The Aero is all about versatility!

Wing-shaped desks are also great for your health, thanks to advanced ergonomic considerations. How so? With a wing-shaped desk, you can place your computer, monitors, and keyboard in the ideal configuration that works for your body, height etc. This will help prevent issues like back pain and other types of discomfort. Check out the images below to see the Aero’s ingenious three-way setup options for its LED convertible shelves.

 The Aero 72 Standing Desk offers three setup options


The Aero 72 Standing Desk offers three setup options


The Aero 72 Standing Desk offers three setup options


Finally, these desks are space savers. Even though the Aero offers a whopping 72” of space, it’s perfectly suited for smaller and more compact spaces, as it can easily fit into a corner or against a wall.

Smooth Operator: Go from Sitting to Standing in Seconds

Smoothly (and quietly!) go from sitting to standing in a breeze. The Aero’s premium dual motor lifting system lets your desk surface move from 29.5” to 48”, which makes it perfect for taller people — or anytime you want to get stretch your legs, or work/play in a more active mode. You can choose from 4 memory presets on the digital display.

Aero 72 Standing Desk: go from sitting to standing in a breeze


Tricked out with Awesome Accessories & Adjustments

The Aero’s keyboard tray is height-adjustable, retractable, 360° rotatable, and you can change its angle by +/- 15°. If you haven’t used a keyboard tray on your desk before, you will love it. It offers the benefit of promoting an ergonomically sound typing posture.

Planning on loading your desk up with a lot of stuff? The Aero 72 desk supports even the heaviest of setups with a weight capacity of 220 lbs. But — as mentioned above — you won’t ever feel cluttered thanks to plenty of flexible space to move around.

This exceptional standing desk option also boasts dual iPad slots, dual socket holders, dual cable management (to prevent cable chaos!), a cup holder for your favorite bevvie, and dual rotatable headphone hangers. Plus, you get to enjoy controllable RGB lighting to direct the vibe and mood of your setup, and have the option of Bluetooth control with the Eureka smart app.

The Aero 72 Standing Desk

The Takeaway

Boasting both style and functionality, the Aero 72 Standing Desk is a great choice for anyone seeking a dynamic and ergonomic workspace that can adapt to your needs, boost your productivity, and elevate your overall experience. Don’t wait any longer. Transform your work and gaming space experience today!


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