Todd Lounge Chair

What is the Todd? The Epitome of Luxury Lounging!


As we embrace the cozy charm of autumn, with snug sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes, we all seek the perfect chair to nest in at home, one that cradles us in luxurious relaxation. The Todd Lounge Chair is just that chair, an epitome of comfort that you might never want to leave.

Stylish Design Inspired by Midcentury Modern Aesthetics

This chair boasts a beautiful design inspired by midcentury modern aesthetics, making it a stylish rival to some of the movement's most iconic pieces, such as the Eames and Saarinen loungers.

Todd Lounge Chair

Versatile Compatibility with Your Décor 

Selecting furniture that complements your existing home décor can be a design challenge, but the adaptable Todd Lounge Chair effortlessly fits into a variety of interior styles — from retro-chic to contemporary — due to its distinctive and sophisticated appearance.

It would also make a great addition as an accent chair in a home library, a reading nook in your bedroom, or in an office reception area to wow clients and visitors.

Unmatched Cloud-like Comfort

What sets this 360° swivel accent chair apart is not just its winning aesthetics with a unique, textured woven design. It is incredibly comfortable, too, thanks to its micro-arc back design and extra plush backrest. Sitting in it is akin to being enveloped in a cloud of comfort! 


Todd Lounge Chair

Ergonomic Excellence

Poetic exclamations aside, Todd truly excels in the ergonomic department. It provides excellent support for your back, relieving pressure on your head, neck, and shoulders. The luxurious lounger promotes proper spinal alignment and offers an extended weight-bearing area — a big plus for overall comfort and relaxation.

Praise-worthy Armrests & Seat Cushion

The plush armrests deserve praise, as well, with their double-layered design that provides ideal support for your elbows, maximizing your utmost comfort.

The seat cushion of this ravishing recliner is another shining attribute, featuring high-density rebound sponge layers for optimal support and resilience. This ensures a pleasantly immersive sitting experience.


Todd Lounge Chair

High Quality Construction & Materials

Solid construction, exquisite craftsmanship, and high-quality, skin-friendly materials are paramount in this chair's design. Todd features natural, smooth, breathable materials and the highest quality down. It also has vent holes in the seat cushion to ensure you never feel stuffy or hot, even during extended periods of sitting.

Maintenance is a breeze, thanks to the thoughtful design of detachable zippers on the top and back cushions, making it easy to care for your new favorite seat.

Todd Lounge Chair

A Winsome Blend of Sophisticated Style & Exceptional Craftsmanship

In short: The Todd Lounge Chair is a fantastic spot to sit and feel deliciously spoiled. Thanks to mega comfort, incredible craftsmanship, and plenty of style to spare this lounger will keep on giving. Are you ready to experience ultimate the comfort and flair with the Todd Lounge Chair? Visit our shop to learn more and purchase your own today!



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